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Ethiopian Music : Neway Debebe New Single – Gondar


Newway Debebe latest single, which was released only at the end of last month, has got decent views on Youtube. Gondar is the name. Check it out.

Video : embedded from Minew Shewa Youtube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from video


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  1. Ethiopians and Eritreans sing too much. We don’t put enough focus on education and development. We all know how great Gondar is, you don’t have to remind us. I mean seriously, do people even read anymore?

    Ethiopians and Eritreans (Abyssinians) make 1000 new songs everyday and they expect us to listen. I wish our people weren’t so stupid. We can never compete with the rest of the world. I blame people like Etana at Minew Shewa Ent. He and his wife make money from drama and selling cheap music.


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