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PM Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t declares a unilateral humanitarian truce. TPLF accepted it instantly

“…Peace, not war, has always been our choice. Even at this moment, war is not our choice” says TPLF in an quick response to Ethiopian government declaration of humanitarian truce 


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government on Thursday declared a “humanitarian truce” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The Decision came just a day after the United States’ Special Envoy to Horn of Africa , David Satterfield, visited the country and met with Ethiopian Authorities

The Ethiopian government, however, projected its decision in a way to make them appear like a response to the emerging new humanitarian situation in the region.  

The statement from Government Communication Affairs partly reads “… currently thousands from the Tigray region are trekking into neighboring regions in search of assistance. While it is heartening to see the fraternal bond and solidarity that is being demonstrated by communities that are receiving and helping those in need of assistance, the Government believes that the situation warrants urgent measures to ensure that those in need are able to receive aid in their localities. Alleviating the plight of those affected by the conflict is of the utmost priority and a responsibility that the Government takes seriously. ” 

And then it went on to say “Cognizant of the need to take extraordinary measures to save lives and reduce human suffering, the Government of Ethiopia hereby declares an indefinite humanitarian truce effective immediately.” 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) responded to the declaration within hours it was announced.  Getachew Reda, spokesperson, and Foreign Relation of the organisation shared a statement from TPLF ( of the Government of Tigray as it describes itself) expressing acceptance of the truce. 

“…Peace, not war, has always been our choice. Even at this moment war is not our choice,” Stated the statement claiming that it resorted to war out of lack of choice and expediency.  

The war in Northern Ethiopia started when the TPLF unexpectedly attacked the Ethiopian Defence Force bases in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in November 2020, and the organisation admitted it when it said that it wanted to undertake a blitzkrieg attack. 

The statement the TPLF released in reaction to the declaration of “humanitarian truce”, however, placed all the blame for the war on the Ethiopian government. 

“…If the right circumstances arise for our people to receive the level of humanitarian assistance commensurate with needs on the ground, within a reasonable time frame, the Government of Tigray is committed to implementing a cessation of hostilities effective immediately,” The statement said. 

Furthermore,  it said that “The Government of Tigray will do everything it can to make sure that this cessation of hostilities is a success…” 

The Federal government and Afar regional government had been accusing TPLF of blocking aid to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Furthermore, the TPLF, apparently with coordination for aid organisations, diverted well over four hundred aid trucks for the purpose of transporting soldiers and logistics when it invaded the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia in July and August 2021. 

The war with TPLF brought claimed hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides although there was no official disclosure from the TPLF, which the Ethiopian Parliament declared as a terrorist organization, or from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

Millions of Ethiopians were displaced, many more millions including the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia were exposed to a famine-like situation. Social infrastructure, including health and education facilities, have been destroyed. 

Recently, there were rumors of secret negotiation between Ethiopian government and TPLF in the neighboring Kenya which the former has been denying.

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  1. So Tigray is a de facto country now. Good Riddance. Will the Wollega area, full of Oromo militants and thugs follow suit and also declare independence? It is the hope of many Ethiopians that the fake, talkative, and double crossing, bast*****rd masquerading as a prime minister, pretending to be a genuine Ethiopian, will instantly unmask his face cover and expose his true identity- an OLF butcher and sympathizer not worth a dime for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  2. Subject: “PM Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t declares a unilateral humanitarian truce. TPLF accepted it instantly”
    March 24, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 24 March 2022
    So many innocent people died.

    So much destruction have been done to the country.

    Who is to take responsibility for the killing of innocent people and destroying the phisical country?

    What guarantee will the ordinary people and the armed obedient soldiers will have that the same thing won’t happen again?

    After all, the obedient people did not [repeat: DID NOT] initiate the massacre of each other on their own free will. We know the horrible criminal fact. And no camouflage on earth can deny and hide the crime.

    It is the mysterious part of Human Nature.

    To repeat my usual memorized sayings “ C’est la Vie” “That is Life” “Take it or leave it.” {*}

    By the way, it is good to take the TITLE of the Subject with reasonable sanity, after all who started the insanity, in the first place.

    Foot Note
    Do you know the story of the person, asking by-standers to “ STOP THE WORLD; I WANT TO GET OFF”

    • The problem is African leaders are turned into mericinaries against their own nation i.e Kagame, Gadaffi, etc. who needs colonial army when you have the same leaders acting like one?

  3. This is excellent news for the beleaguered people of Tigray. I am very happy that the trip by the US envoy has borne fruit right after his arrival at the capital. I am delighted that the Abiy government made the first move and I am equally happy that the government of Tigray has accepted it. There will be no winner in the senseless bloodletting and nobody should be proud for being victorious, if any. Tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of young people have lost their Allah created and blessed lives having been marched into ujuum, hell on earth, instigated by the should-have-known adults. Now, enough is enough!!! Millions have been victimized as a consequence of this stupid conflict triggered by stupid individuals. Tigres have been victimized. Amharas have been victimized. Afars have been victimized. Oromos have been victimized. These 4 groups of people make up close 70% of the population of that country. That means if the current estimate of the entire population is at 120 million it should be expected that close to 83 million people have been directly or indirectly victimized by the war. That is why I see it as totally senseless. We all should be ashamed of it because it is going to be part of the history of that gem of the colored that produced us all.

  4. The truce should not give the TPLF any breathing space and allow it to buy more time in order to prepare and start another devastating invasion. The June 2021 withdrawal was announced as a humanitarian gesture but the TPLF launched its invasion of Afar and Amhara regions as known. By letting the TPLF loose the Abiy government is helping prolong and worsen the humanitarian crises not only in Tigray but also in Afar and Amhara regions. Because the TPLF leaders are not concerned about the suffering of the Tigray people whom they use as human shields and cannon fodder.

  5. What this so-called ” unilateral” things again? Haven’t we seen what unilateral dealing with TPLF means? It is more poltical/ diplomatic advantage, more political manipulation and more buying time for them to wreck havoc and remain relevant Abiy political MO remains remains confusing ,naive and haphazardly as ever. What you to need to do to deal with TPLF is direct and transparent engagement of either peace or war. Any approach destined to fail and fail miserably Woyane cabal still deeply believe in they can outwith and sabotage from every other, non-tigraian leader

  6. Support HR 6600!!!!! HELP ETHIOPIANS!! Help Ethiopians
    Support HR 6600!!!!! HELP ETHIOPIANS!! Help Ethiopians

    It HELPS Ethiopians

    HR 6600 Does Not help PP, OLF, TPLF murderers, and cadres who are starving, abusing and looting the country.

    Abiy is in a mood of feasting in farm field, eating, entertaining, dancing and celebrating his Oromuma wild dream while Amharas, Afars and Tigres are starving and suffering by Abiy and TPLF made war. Although Abiy is named to lead Ethiopia, he is only leading OLF and Oromuma. Ethiopia has no government or a leader!!

    Ignorant filled in greed and looting TPLF cadres condemned their young people for hate and war against their peaceful neighbors who allowed them to live and prosper in their ethic zones. Abiy’s arrogance and the Oromuma wild dream is born out of this conflict and war TPLF created that made itself weaker fugitives.

    Abiy for now thinks he is controlling the country because their are at war with each other while he feels safe and arrogate.

  7. Prime Monster of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed. Please do a huge favor to Ethiopians! Step Down! Go quietly! Go Away!!
    All you surrounded yourselves with are monsters like you!!

    Your secrest deals with TPLF is not supported by Afar and Amharas who have been murdered and looted. Who is to take responsiblity for the lose of lives and destruction? Are you or TPLF?
    Must address this to Afar and Amhara and get their approval before coming to agreement at the expense of Amahra and Afars lives!! You are not trusted and any of your secretive deals does not have the approval of Amhara and Afar people!!!

    You are a monster with so many evil tentacles. You do not posses, humanity, ability or intellect to lead even a small village.
    You lack sensitivity and humanity when people suffer.
    Amharas are dying of Hunger, Starvation and War!
    Afars are dying of Hunger, Starvation and War!
    Currently TPLF forcefully has invaded Amhara and Afar land, killing and looting that have already been victimized by One year war and you!
    Prime Monster, you portray as time is for feast when millions have no food to eat and no place to live!!
    Prime Monster, you are so detached and disconnected that proves you are not qualified to be in any position of government.

  8. The PM should read the comments above and give answers – who will account for the thousands of poor Amhara farmers pillaged and murdered for no reason and are now living in caves, with relatives, outside, hungry and devastated, sitting around all day thinking “O God why is this happening to us?” And while the shine shintam dislocate Amharas from their ancestral lands, what is the PM doing? – visiting oromo wheat fields and factories…frankly, what is going on? And the cost of living is raving like hell while PP officials are feasting in ornate rooms….and so-called economists (hapless and dumb as they are) are telling us the macroeconomy is doing well, bla, bla, bla….tplf and OR should stop their hated of the Amhara- read the history books instead of filling your stomach with dirty western food and smacking hateful thinking the whole day – be human

  9. Prime Monster Abiy is treating the whole Ethiopia with 110 millions people living in it as his sole property. His previous “unilateral ceasefire” started a new war and brought the war and hell to Amhara and Afar land and people while ordering the Defense force to freeze.

    This time Amhara and Afar people must stand by very alerted and prepared to attack their enemy. Surprise attack is on the way and some are already in place who came as hungry refugees to Amhara region from Tigray whom 90% of them are healthy, young and trained. Those people must be held in far and very secure places.

    The so called “Unilateral Humanitarian Truce” has nothing to do with humanity but another sinister plan cooked by no other than by the Criminal Monster Abiy Ahmed himself and Debretsion.

    This Criminal Prime Monster is the wrong person in position because he is destroying the country and people. He must be removed ASAP!!!!


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