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Girma Wake appointed as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Ethiopian Airlines

Girma Wake _ new CEO of  Ethiopian Airlines
Girma Wake, the new chair of Board of Directors of Ethiopian Airlines (Photo : ENA)


Girma Wake is appointed as the Chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines Board of Directors , according to ENA, state media, which cited the airlines as a source. 

He had served as CEO of Ethiopian Airlines before Tewolde Gebremariam took over the position.  He is credited for laying the foundation for the success of Ethiopian Airlines, according to the report. 

Based on the ENA report, the Airlines seem to be confident that Girma Wake will take Ethiopian Airlines to the next level by tapping into his years of experience in the aviation sector and as CEO of the Ethiopian Airlines. 

The Board had an ordinary meeting on Wednesday during which it decided to accept the resignation of Tewolde Gebremariam, who served as CEO of Ethiopian Airlines for over 11 years now, due to health conditions

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  1. Subject: “Girma Wake appointed as the new CEO of Ethiopian Airlines” March 23, 2022

    Humble Good Wishes , 23 Mar 2022

    “Kudos to the most efficient business entity: Ethiopian Airlines, the pride of Africa and challenger to any airline business around the Globe.

    Good wishes to the new CEO, Mr. Girma Wake.

    And it goes without saying the admiration and best wishes to Mr. Tewolde Gebremariam for his admirable achievement in the success of Ethiopian Airlines

    Good Luck, Sir, in your future endeavour.

  2. This is another fire tested genius who even showed the Wahhabis how an airline is supposed to be run. The airline is lucky to have such over qualified airline executives as leaders.

  3. At this difficult time we wish him a quick recovery and trust the new EAL management team will uphold the well established tradition of efficiency and superb success.

    No doubt that Tewolde has been a gifted, talented, and courageous patriot in leading the EAL to such heights despite various domestic and international challenges. It is unfortunate to hear that he has a health problem and our hope is he recovers soon, and return back to the aviation industry, this time as .a CEO of another airlines in Ethiopia that cooperates and competes with EAL
    Why not?, ” the sky is the limit!”

  4. I have been saying why Girma Wake was systematicly removed by Tplfites. Tewelde must return millions he embezzled. There are so many Ethiopians out of job, he was hiring foreigners. Indeed for diplomatic reason maybe ok but not to take away jobs from Ethiopians. Plus, the duty free shops at EAL must be under Ethiopians and not British. Why Tplf changed the trade mark of EAL the lion into caricature design? The same as Blisigina logo is indeed caricature, children playing. What a joke. Justice for EAL workers! So Girma Wake is not “appointed”, he is replaced back to his rightful position after Tplf removed him. Funny those who commented good about Tewelde, tell that to EAL workers what he had done to them. How many Ethiopians follow this? Why Ethiopians come out and tell their stories what happened to them under Tplf to educate societies?

    • “Why Ethiopians are Not coming out” and telling their stories what the fascist Tplf had done to them?” Told is still alive and well killing Ethiopians while crying fake genocide, the genocide he began committing against Tigrayans themselves with Eplf now called Shabia.

  5. Watch, the new comers, those ruled under Tplf had no idea about individuals such as Ato Girma Wake who had integrity, discipline, good work ethic. The current generation only know of Tplf and it’s leader Meles Zenawi who legalized theft in the country. Miles Zenawi said “You can steal, but don’t get caught”. That is how he turned Ethiopia into. I am educating those who are not aware of who Tplf was/is.


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