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Grade 12 Exam results of Students from the Amhara region has to be reviewed, says Forum of Higher Institutions 

The Education Bureau of Amhara region requests the Ministry of Education an extension of time to report to Universities to be extended until the grading problem is resolved 

Grade 12 Exam results
Amhara Region Education Bureau ( Photo credit : DW Amharic)


The radical ethnic nationalist ideology has been taking the lives of innocent civilians in many parts of Ethiopia – mostly in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions. 

There had been a claim that those who carry out the massacres are linked to authorities at the regional and federal levels. 

And it seems the radicalism is manifesting itself in a different form at a systemic level in the federal government and the victims are innocents. 

The results of the Grade 12 leaving examination in the Amhara region are said to be unprecedented in the number of failures. While many students from the region have filed complaints demanding exams to be regraded, there appear to be a view that suggests that there was manipulation at the agency level with the intention to harm students from the Amhara region. 

The view invites a serious investigation. But the National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency seems to have an interest in making it a little murky. 

The agency already admitted, last week, that there were over 20,000 complaints regarding the exam result but the exam results that were found to be problematic are about 600. 

For students in the Amhara region and the education office, there is more to it. 

The Amhara Region Education Bureau has already requested the Ministry of Education to delay the date for students to report to institutions of higher learning to which they are assigned. 

Other institutions in the region are speaking out strongly against what they believe is a repeated mistake. 

“Grade 12 exam results for the Amhara region are problematic. It has to be graded again or students made to write another exam,” DW Amharic cited Dr. Asmare Dejen, who is secretary of the forum for higher institutions in the region, as saying. 

He also recommended that the national agency is making repeated mistakes and has to be investigated. 

Amanuel Tsehay was one of the students from the region whose grade plummeted, not because of his competence but because of the mistake in the national agency. 

When his exams papers were reviewed, he turned out to be the number one student in the entire country with the highest grades. His 647 score (out of 700) was reduced to 162 because of the agency. 


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    Abiy is taught by Prof Berhanu Nega how to enslave, control and subdue people by denying educational opportunities that he learnt from the Colonial rules and Slave owners of past Americans.
    The concept of keeping people illiterate is to easily convince and confuse, control, brainwash, divide and conquer. Illiterates and slaves do not have the ability to read and know their rights to demand improvements to improve their lifestyles. Slaves are labors who work for free.
    Here is where the Oromuma greedy outdated ambitions comes to play!!! The plan is to take (Kegna) all the money and wealth snatched from Amharas, non-Oromumas and Addis Ababans that worked and collected for years.

    Alas, the unelected and election cheater, Abiy and his groups are not fit to lead Ethiopia. They are enemies of Amhara and Ethiopians. They must be removed asap. People must rise up and demand their God given rights despite the repressive and intimidating tactics Abiy , Adanech and his cadres are trying to use.

    No intimidation will stop the angry and outraged people that is being abused and mistreated as slaves on a daily bases. If those wanabe slave owner, Abiy and OLF cadres are left, Amhara and other Ethiopians will have no place to live and food to eat let along going to schools and colleges.

  2. Comment:first of all I woud like to ask you.grade12 first round is also out of 700?? If so i donot have complaint. I hope you will reply me soon!


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