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Ethiopian gov’t to spend 19 bln birr in the reconstruction of war-affected regions including Tigray

The Ministry of Finance will be getting over 70 of the Finance needed for the reconstruction project from the World Bank  

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The Ethiopian government is unveiling plans to spend about 19 billion Ethiopian birr in the reconstruction of areas affected by the war with TPLF. 

Over 15 billion birr will be covered by the world bank and the remaining four billion birr will be covered by the Federal government of Ethiopia. 

It is unclear if the World Bank has attached any strings to the “reconstruction spending.” Also, it is unclear if the financing is a long term loan or a donation. 

The Tigray region of Ethiopia is included in the project, based on a report by The Ethiopian Reporter which cited sources from the Ministry of Finance. 

“The project will be implemented via third parties in areas where there is a serious concern [apparently security],” said the report. 

The Ministry of Finance on Friday held discussions with undisclosed expatriate stakeholders regarding the project. 

Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions are priorities of the project in the first phase of the project, according to the report by The Reporter. 

However, areas in Western Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz regions are included in the first phase of the project too. 

From reports by local media, areas in parts of the Oromo region where gunmen,  with alleged links to regional and Federal government authorities, operate, the targets were mostly civilian property as opposed to social infrastructures (including health and educational institutions) which were the cases in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia.  

Benishangul Gumuz region had the same situation. Thousands of civilians in small farming communities, mostly ethnic Amhara, have been slaughtered for over three years now. 

The project in the areas affected by war includes services for victims of rape and other social services. Thousands of women were reportedly raped in the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions of Ethiopia due to the war.

The overall goal of the project is to provide for the basic needs in health, education, and sanitation – among other things. Institutions that are believed to support communities on a long term basis will be fostered, according to the report by The Reporter. 

A committee that is drawn from the Ministry of Finance, Justice, Education, Women and Social Affairs, Health, and Urban development are formed as part of the implementation and monitoring plan of the project. 

However, it is the Ministry of Finance that is said to be in charge of the project and will be directly communicating with district and kebele level administrations. 

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  1. Extravaganza, show offs, splurging money is the irresponsible dictatorships art of Prosperity Party.
    Prosperity only in name has nothing to do with prospering Ethiopia but to prosper Oromo PP groups by engulfing Addis Ababa and steal and its economy for their personal gain and comfort.

    Ethiopians today are starving, displaced and have no shelter or a roof above their heads, no food to afford, destitute street children without parents, children who lost families during TPLF war and escaped the Wollega Amhara Genocide massacre, dying of poverty and disease, looted and robbed Ethiopians.

    Abiy and Adanech are splurging and wasting money on non urgent show offs and get angry and use their power to intimidate, imprison and abuse Addis Ababa protestors when they complained and addressed their economic and political grievances in a very tasteful ways.

    Yet the Splurging money on Abiy and his Oromo PP groups continues at the expense of heavily taxed and looted Ethiopians. Oromo PP groups goal is not to serve the country but to intimidate, loot and liver luxuries lifestyle continues while people living standards has dropped down to bottom and still need help.

    The situation is brewing for revolution and change of government . People are tired and sick of living in apartheid system under Abiy and his Oromo OLF cadres. All Ethiopians rights and privileges must be equal and protected. NO more no less….

  2. I think these positive news are to keep the population silent because really how can you speak of reconstruction when you still have on going conflict internally and with neighboring countries?


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