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Corruption and malpractices worsening in the business sector, says Ethiopian gov’t 

Picture from the event to discuss corruption challenges in the business sector. Photo : ENA / Resized) 


The Federal Ethnic and Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday said that the corruption and malpractices in the private sector is worsening.

The Ethiopian News Agency, state media, said that the commission engaged with actors in the private sector with the aim to identify bad service delivery practices. 

Lack of transparency in the political, social, and economic activities coupled with institutional malpractices have contributed to the worsening of corruption in the sector, according to a research paper presented during the discussion.  

A coordinated institutional approach to identify market sabotages and resolve them is recommended as a key action to address the problem – based on a report by ENA. 

Samuel Urkato, the Commissioner, is cited as saying that the discussion was intended to help understand the depth and complexity of the problem, reach a common understanding, and prepare a plan to overcome the challenge. 

He said the commission will act on carefully identifying the criminals and hold them legally responsible. 

 “It is an action that should be applied without wasting time against those actors in the sector who are violating laws,” The Commissioner added. 

Skyrocketing prices and price inflation have reached a point that is unbearable to the majority of Ethiopians. 

The ruling Prosperity Party discussed the devastating cost of living in the country during its first-party congress about a week ago, and has vowed to tackle it. 

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  1. Catch’em after overwhelming evidence, take them to court and throw them in jail with their sticky fingers. Africa’s worst enemy to its economy has been unchecked corruption. In our case think about the 30 billion plus in US dollars that was siphoned off from the nation’s coffers by those who were in the government and those closely associated with government officials between 2002 and 2018. In African version of Investopedia, growing economy means growing number of sticky hands in the nation’s coffers. The mentality with the grand larcenists is that feeling of entitlement to reward self with the money flowing within their reach. The philosophy is ‘I am the one who made the economy grow and therefore I have the right to the first dibs. So in the current settings across Africa, may be not in Botswana, when you hear a country’s economy is growing you should scream ‘watch out!’ It is a dead giveaway that sticky fingers are busy.


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