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Vladimir Zelensky and Clayton Bigsby- A Tale of Two Comedians

Zelensky, president of Ukraine (Photo : BBC)

By Samuel Estefanous


Who can positively tell if Zelensky is yet playing a part from the fourth season script of ‘Servant of the People’ or actually leading a beleaguered Nation at war? I mean the only thing the man could show in his resume as any experience is his hilarious career in satire comedy genre. Guess what? Playing the role of a high school history teacher who accidentally becomes President of a thoroughly corrupt country called Ukraine run by a company of thugs. 

One thing is for sure-his performance was beyond reproach. He had proved himself that he is capable of pulling off playing the most unseemly and difficult part. In real life he is Jew alright but he doesn’t feel insulted by the callous name calling of his race by the far right Nationalist and members of the Azov battalion. Who knows perhaps he believes he is role playing a part from the comedy script. Thus, being ‘in character’ makes him immune to open racial slurs and prejudices.      

In this respect, there is definitely some uncanny resemblance between Zelensky and Clayton Bigsby. You know Bigsby, the black blind white supremacist who hates his own race like the plague. The bona fide white supremacists needed him so much that they have elevated him to a leadership status and the poor man doesn’t finish a sentence without using the ‘n’ word. He goes around shouting ‘white power’ and has published half a dozen books some with titles like ‘Black Stain’. The last time we heard of him, he was campaigning for the office of the President of the United States of America, until a little earlier before his KKK hood was removed and his followers saw his true colors.

It takes little research to learn that Ukraine is a Nation State yet in the making. Its long illustrious history spans just three decades. Historically a Ukrainian was either a little Russian or a Galician. I believe it was Soviet power that had gloriously bestowed Ukrainian nationality on the people independently of Russia. Who could have believed modern day Ukrainians would be so ungrateful to the USSR. I mean the USSR elevated Ukraine from a back laying province of Russia to a republic albeit neglecting the famine of the 1930s. 

Thus, coupled with the information age volubility of the 21th century, the fact that its statehood is in the very early formative stage makes it vulnerable to all sorts of extremism and comical twists unthinkable in any other country.

Here are some select antics which are uniquely Ukrainian. 

1-Servant of the People

Martin Sheen plays the President of the United States of America but he doesn’t intend to finish the season finale of the West Wing in the White House by actually becoming the 47th President of the United States. At least the character of Martin Sheen is reputed to be an erudite no nonsense President who had won a second term in office.

But even in character, Zelensky is a high school teacher who gets elected to the Presidency solely by virtue of the torrents of profanity he unleashes against government officials.

2-America-the Designated Colonial Power of the 21th Century?

I know Presidents of the United States are informally referred to as leaders of the free world. That might even be true and perhaps China and Russia, as well as the Brics countries are secretly trying to break this unipolar world order. But for a leader of any Sovereign Nation to acknowledge this in a speech delivered to the Congress of the United States is quite unusual. 

No President of the United States is a leader of any other corner of the world beyond the shores it Sovereign territory. I don’t think even Americans like their Presidents to be considered thus as it is a vicious affront to international law and order. I am sure most Ukraine sympathizers in the West had dropped their eyes embarrassed as their idol Zelensky bestowed the title of ‘leader of the world’ on Joe Biden. Something a high school graduate is unlikely to say in public.    

By this disgraceful statement he had made to the Congress of the United States, Zelensky has proved to the whole wide world that he isn’t just a rookie politician but a clueless ignoramus buffoon. Only during the colonial era did this held true for the imperial powers of Europe. I don’t think the United States likes to be labeled as a colonial power of the 21st   Century.

3- Goebbels’ the Big Lie Theory

False propaganda as a weapon of war was indispensable in the bygone years of Nazi Germany. It was elevated to an art form by Joseph Goebbels. But these days the cyber fiber has denied the monopoly of information reserved to the selected few. 

I can imagine the number of western PR experts who have been volunteering their services pro bone to the Ukrainian leadership. But I don’t think Zelensky has picked the right choice. He must have been wooed by a neo-Nazi wacky Big Lie warrior who worships the Nazi’s propaganda Czar.

Zelensky’s daily briefs are repetitive white lies. Every single day he releases reports of incredibly mounting Russian human causality of the war. He brushes aside the Donbass genocide as ‘nonsense’. He claims that close to 100,000 Russian soldiers are bogged down in their trenches. He solemnly declares that half Russia is opposed to the Special Military Operation in the Ukraine. He totally rejects that his forces use Ukrainian as human shields and insists that the Russians deliberately target maternity wards to kill new born babies.

He has taken us back to the dark days of Goebbels’ Big Lie theory as a sure weapon of conquer and conquest.

4-Sporting camouflage t-shirts and baseball caps        

Anyone who has got a fleeting interest in the ‘East European Democracies’ doesn’t fail to notice the grotesque urge to be taken for a Westerner. Sometimes it assumes such comical twist that it is very much amusing to talk to an aspiring East European hailing from one of the Soros Foundation democracies. 

So Mr. Zelensky and his cohort Soros ‘Western’ democrats have discarded their suits for camouflage t-shirts and baseball caps. That is their idea of being ‘cool’. 

What makes these crude copy cat tendencies more pathetic is, Ukrainians aren’t learning from the mistakes of the Poles and Hungarians. The latter quickly realized that they are dancing to aboriginal tunes on the outer fringes of the Western world and decidedly reclaimed their glorious native civilization. The fact of the matter is next generation East European leaders are going to look more like Viktor Orban than Ingrida Simonyte.  But Zelensky seems to be misreading major trends in his own part of the world.

5-The Standing Ovation at the US Congress.

Zelensky seems to forget that even if he were to talk about sighting a flying pig among the Russian army, the US Congress would give him a standing ovation. The US Congress decided to give that Zelensky fella a ‘standing ovation and a locomotive’- in the words of Salinger- way before he had delivered the historic speech.

 America never fights any other country’s war. America uses other countries to advance its selfish private interests. They are shamelessly using the juvenile Ukrainian leadership to fight Russia. They will never ever commit ‘boots on the ground’ even if the Ukrainian is burning like a bonfire; the standing ovation extended to Zelensky was a substitute to actually helping the Ukraine at the battle field. 

When Zelensky rudely defied Russia, he had counted on the United States and its NATO allies to commit ground troops to his country. But everybody else except the Ukrainian leadership knows that the US would never ever try to directly engage Russia. Poor Zelensky picking his cues from a bunch of hysterical Russophobic journalists got the Ukraine in to a clear and present existential threat.

God Bless.

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    • This war will be loooong, gradual and do not bet on U.S will not engage. It is to occupy Russia to continuance of war maybe in case nukes are not used. Once you have war by your door, game over.

  1. Lulu
    I think the state of war is certain to be prolonged until such time the two Donbass republics are recognized…as to the first insinuation…I beg to differ


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