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Ethnic Tigray Professor reveals options to topple Eritrean gov’t, control Red Sea 

TPLF _ Tigray _ Eritrea
Professor Gelawdewos Araya during an interview with Axumite Media


Professor Gelawdewos Araya, an ethnic Tigray Professor, reveals the TPLF plan/desire to coordinate with the Eritrean Opposition to topple president Isaias Afeworki’s government and control the Red Sea. 

He did so when he talked about what he called the “options” Tigray has  in an interview with Axumite Media Channel. 

A translation of his speech, which was in Tigrigna, was shared on Twitter.  

 “Tgray either by cooperation with eritrean opponents overthrow the Government of 🇪🇷 & then tgray will own access of sea or we should control of the sea by force. Otherwise Tgray will not survive without sea,” Professor Gelawdeos Araya is quoted as saying. 

His statement has triggered reactions from Eritrean and Ethiopian Audiences. 

Some seem to understand the professor’s speech as a hint to what the western powers are planning in the Horn of Africa. A Twitter user who identified himself as Mulugeta wrote the following : 

“Every time when TPLF opens its mouth, I see what the west (US) is planning to do in HOA. For the west there is no best home nega like TPLF , they could ride them for free. #NoMore” 

There are also views that see the TPLF intentions revealed by individuals like professor Gelawdwos Araya as “madness.”

Tesfaye Yemane said , “Madness has no limits, It’s laughable, #TPLFTerroristGroup has lost it, It was Melese who authorized it. With out considering chances to both Nations. Without plan A or B how to live with. Now TPLF is a barking dog & saying by hook or by crook to claim back Assab. እብደት! “

After the defeat of TPLF forces in January 2021, the Eritrean government has disclosed that the TPLF had plans to march to Asmara and Addis Ababa within few weeks, and that the plan to march to Asmara was meant to topple President Isaias Afeworki’s government. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that the TPLF has finalised preparations to launch new military campaigns. A report by Feteh Magazine, a magazine published in Amharic in Ethiopia, claimed that at least ten huge Antonv planes have landed in the Tigray region – possibly with loads of firearms. 

The Ethiopian government did not remark about it.  

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  1. All I can say is Wow!!!! I don’t think Debre will appreciate this guy spilling his secret plan on him.
    Wait a minute, Ittu! Hold up! What the professor is saying is first the Republic of Axumia will be established after annihilating all the Amhara and their Oromo allies. Then, the Republic of Axumia having being restored to its historic glory of more than 1,500 years ago will march in and expropriate Assab and the entire Red Sea coastline. Eritreans will just stand there and just watch when their sovereign territory is confiscated. Eritreans just like those Amharas, Oromos, Afars, Somalis, Sidamas, Gambelans and the rest are cowards and don’t know how to fight anyway, Debre and his successors will not break sweats to accomplish this. Eritrea will be rendered landlocked. Every Eritrea will then have no other alternative(he/she is coward anyway) but to stoop very low to their new master The Republic of Axumia’!!!
    Then I better start preparing my application for the Axumian passport. And everyone of should do the same thing. It is the Republic of Axumia with all its glorious past and the incarnation of Sheba!!!

  2. He is talking of nonsense and his argument is mut at this point. Professor or not, these guys from tiny ethnic and desolate barren mountains have done with their greedy and shortsighted scams that extended from Indian Ocean to the Red Sea.Their evil conduct and intents were defied any logic. The saddest thing now is that they have to hide their identity in shame everywhere they go in the Horn region, least that solicits upon them the wrath of their victims . They have to blame no one but theselves and their diabolic conducts .

  3. Btw, I was wondering if anyone of you had the chance to see photos ordinary folks among those upright and noble people of Tigray. Their faces show of those who have been constantly under the worries of being victims every minute of the day. Their children have not be at home for almost two years after forced and wooed to join in this stupid bloody conflict started by stupid individuals. Many of those were lost in the carnage. Those who are still alive don’t even know where the next meal is coming from. They are forced into a dire situation where all they can do is watch their loved ones dies agonizing death because all the medicine has been hauled off to the war fronts. You can see out of focus eyes and their cheek smacked against their jaws. It makes think they can suddenly drop dead any second. That is what happens when people live in constant terror and lack of necessities. Looking at the photo of this ‘professor’ the contrast is very evident. His bulging cheeks and three hotdogs wrapped around his front and passable back neck tells he does not miss a beat on his daily fillet mignon and a pint of the best ice cream in town. After all this destruction and loss of human lives he still urges those noble people to extend the war to the neighboring sovereign country. For individuals like him waging war is as easy as making medium rare choice steak on a cast iron skillet. In less than 15 minutes dinner is served. And this is why I have been bitterly complaining about some among us who are allegedly well read individuals when they urge those in the old country to continue on the path of destructive bloodletting. They do that from their comfy homes here among us thousands of miles away from the country that produced us all. They lambaste ‘Go and annihilate those Woyanes, burn every Neftegna houses in Oromia, wipe out those Oromo extremist from the face of the earth!’ When you say or write not their liking they call you a neftegna, a TPLFite(I really don’t know what this means), a Woyane operative, an Oromo extremists and all kinds of pejorative names. For them you are someone who cannot be saved and if they have the chance you are not worth living. You think Neo-Nazis and Fascists walk around with mother lode of hatred for others. That is until you see those among us who hate others who look just like them. This professor seems to harbor a deep rooted hatred for everything that spells Eritrea. As a well read individual and on top of that a college professor he should know better that Eritrea is a sovereign country with a territory and borders recognized by every member of the UN. He should know better. He also should know better that every Eritrean from Assab to their northern tip border will fight tooth and nail to protect their globally recognized territory. He should know better that he is helping hatch another senseless and bloody conflict between the innocent people of Tigray and their northerly neighbors. He should know better. He should known better to think twice before he blurts once.

    • You are sharing your wisdom, knowledge and prudence to save the people of Tigray from more destruction and losses of lives. But the belligerent Tigray ethicists and elites like this professor have lost all their faculty for rational thinking and consequence analysis. As war mongers and fascists they will use the poor in Tigray as cannon fodder from afar and safety.
      A few years ago they were proudly claiming to have sacrificed tens of thousands of Tigraian lives to liberate Eritrea from Amhara colonialism. Now they claim Eritrean territory and prepare for their final burial conflict. The Eritrean government and people will not treat them like prime minister Abiy is doing and will not finish or stop before dealing a death blow to the TPLF fascists and war mongers. This is why defascistizing Tigray (ridding Tigray of fascism) is necessary to save Tigraian lives and ensure peace and stability in the whole region.

      • That is what happens to individuals who look at everything only through ethnic prism. If you ask him who were the victims of the Red Terror of the 1970’s he will not think twice to tell you they were all Tigrayans. If you ask him who were those who died from starvation during the famine of 1984-85 he will not miss a beat to tell you they were all Tigrayans. As I said many times in the past this is the offshoot of a disease that infected our intellectuals in the 1960’s. It is the mother of all deadly pandemic called Marxism/Leninism in which smart alecks who never spent an hour on a factory floor as machine operators suddenly become the vanguard of workers. So this professor thinks now that he can speak for those beleaguered people of Tigray from his comfy home thousands miles away. He gives a flying tickling if tens of thousands of young people perish in a senseless war. He gives a hoot about it. And he will still think himself as the most patriotic Tigrayan ever lived. What arrogance!!!

        • One question I want to ask about this reckless person is if he has any sons or daughter or grandchildren? If he does I want to ask him to send his kids and grandchildren to the war front and do it now, no question asked. As a father of two wonderful children and blessed with two adorable grand children I can tell you with all firmness that I will never and ever send them into a senseless war. Will this guy send his kids to a deadly war front? I wish somebody will ask him that question. If has no children or grandchildren, then it figures!!!

  4. What this TPLF professor discusses is in line with the dream of greater Tigray which is among the founding objectives and missions of the TPLF. When the issue of port was raised, the TPLF while in power argued that Ethiopia does not need any port and port services can be bought like any other services. Then one can ask the professor and other TPLF leaders: why does not Tigray buy these services instead of going for the seizure of Assab or any other Eritrean ports? The TPLF can not answer this question and others related to its territorial claims but it will continue to dream about them as long as it is alive. They know that as an entity, weak and poor Tigray will be insignificant and ignored in the region

  5. Good Lord – another roound of war on two fronts and who knows how many young people will go this time. Isn’t it time t stop this madness and the silly ideas that this fat professor is spewing out of his fat cheek? God save

  6. Subject: “Ethnic Tigray Professor reveals options to topple Eritrean gov’t, control Red Sea”, March 19, 2022

    Quote:“Tgray, either by cooperation with Eritrean opponents overthrow the Government of then tgray will own access of sea or we should control of the sea by force. Otherwise Tgray will not survive without sea,” Unquote Professor Gelawdeos Araya is quoted as saying. [I love the name “Gelawdeos” ]

    Humble Commentary, 21 March 2022
    “Tgray will not survive without sea,” Professor Gelawdeos Araya is quoted as saying. ”
    In that case, continue to stay with Ethiopia and enjoy the benefit of nature’s gift
    If you don’t like Ethiopia, face the consequences.
    But, no matter what, you can not have it both ways.

    Dear Professor — the Fountain of Wisdom, — you should know that fact better than any human creature around the Globe. Sir, you are the epitome of wisdom as attested by that 8 x 10 inch golden paper, the wisdom of its holder. Dear Sir, Be Kind to the good people of TIGRAY. Why deny them the benefit of vast natural richness and tranquility.

    How is this for your kind consideration have a cup of coffee in a serene atmosphere product of naturally rich Ethiopia. In any case, be kind to yourself, SIR. Please, Please , Dear Professor: I repeat, please, please be kind to YOURSELF, IF NOT TO ETHIOPIA in totality and TIGRAY in specificity, as YOUR birth place [ *] THE END
    [*] I assume


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