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Echoes of Nazism Reverberating Across Europe and North America 

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By Samuel Estefanous

I write this as a tribute to the unqualified support the Russian Federation has accorded to our country and in response to the recent article Getachew Reda has published on Africa Report demonizing Russia as the “unprovoked” aggressor. In the following pages I try to contend that the Russian Federation was sufficiently provoked to undertake the Special Operation in the Ukraine. 

Different people have different reasons to support or understand Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine; to condemn or oppose the military incursion. It is natural that opinions should be thus divergent. 

This article isn’t about the war; it is more about the widely and deeply entrenched Western prejudice and bias against Russia and the Russians. This war has released the genie in the bottle. In the West it has become almost criminal not to hate Russia. Hatred in all its expressions has become a state sponsored endeavor. Nazism is nothing but a state sponsored lethal prejudice against other races.

In large part owing to state sponsored hate speech against Russia, a recent poll suggests that more than 80% of the sampled public in the West harbors a negative attitude against Russia and the Russians. 

The other day, I read that a Russian Orthodox Church in Oxford was vandalized and looted. A couple of days ago, a Russian owned business somewhere in Boston or Chicago was attacked and its employees were physically threatened. A Russian conductor of the Munich philharmonic orchestra was humiliated and disgraced and his contract was terminated.  

A Russian retired soccer player was stripped off all titles, honors and medals he painstakingly earned while playing for Ukraine. Russian athletes are indiscriminately barred from competing in any sporting event, whether they are representing their country or not. 

Nationals of Western countries with the slightest tint of Russian blood are being systematically marginalized and forced to publicly denounce Russia that some are actually denying their roots. In their effort not to be confused with the government of Russia or its leaders some go out of their ways to placate Western opinion makers (remember the California businessman who had posted one million dollar reward money to whoever could assassinate President Putin.)  

Folks are allowed and encouraged to ‘move into’ private premises of Russian owned properties in the West that a bunch of hooligans are proudly declaring they have begun dispossessing ‘Russian Mansions’ in England and France, hooligans in other countries are sure to follow suit. 

I have some knowledge of Russophobia but I never expected it would be displayed in such abysmal crude manners nor would it be thus state sanctioned.

On the contrary I haven’t seen such level of solidarity with Russia among Ethiopians of all walks of life. I didn’t expect the entire African Continent would rise in unison and defy the West’s hypocrisy. I didn’t realize China would unflinchingly stand with Russia. 

I think at long last, we are beginning to know the West for what it really is…hypocrite of the grandest scale, to mention but few reasons;

1-Thou shall not disseminate hate unless it is against Russia 

In May 2019 Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations signed a document summarizing the UN Strategy and Plan of Action against hate speech. The document in no uncertain terms declares that hate speech inspired by Nazism is on the rise, and xenophobia has gone mainstream. The document goes on to blatantly declare that hate speech is threatening society in the following terms-

“This is not an isolated phenomenon or the loud voices of a few people on the fringe of society. Hate is moving into the mainstream – in liberal democracies and authoritarian systems alike. And with each broken norm, the pillars of our common humanity are weakened. “

Recently Facebook notoriously broke the said norm and encouraged its three billion users to go on unmitigated free Russia bashing spree. The United States which prides itself on its impartial legal system broke with tradition and openly condoned this bestiality to go legit.    

2-Banned to broadcast lest the whole truth is told

We in the third world were lectured endlessly about freedom of expression by Western human rights Czars and their local chiefs of staffs. We were told that freedom of expression is the mother of all human rights, as much sacred as the human right to life, liberty and dignity. Voltaire was repeatedly quoted to us and we had listened with tears in our eyes the words.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it.”

That pack of lies was put to test courtesy of the war in the Ukraine. The whole world was forbidden to listen to the other side of the story. We were flicking channels between CNN and RT to get the latest updates. Honest to God as victims of the systematic Western cultural invasion, we tended to believe Western media out lets in the event of a tie. But alternative non Western media was beginning to open our tight shut eyes to the whole truth. 

 Perhaps to forestall any tendency to be depicted it as a Kremlin mouthpiece the RT TV Channel was giving preeminence coverage to the Ukrainian side of the story but it was ‘dangerously courting the truth’ as well. 

Among others, it was disclosing the genocide in the Donbass that has lasted for eight years and how Russia had pleaded with the West to try to stop it. How the Russian President had personally guaranteed the territorial integrity of the Ukraine as long as it puts a break to its villainous de-russification campaign in the Donbass and the rest of the country. 

RT was taken off air for telling the truth. 

Some twenty and five odd years ago, when President Clinton was asked why he had carpet bombed a small Balkan country unrecognizable, he retorted ‘wherever we believe American values are threatened we have got the right to stop’. How about the American value enshrined in the First Amendment? Who is breaking it in to million pieces by banning Russian media outlets, how is that not a threat to American values? You see, when it comes to Russia, America is the violent aggressor and threat to freedom of expression and free press.     

3-Should hallowed Church grounds be defiled by dancing naked ‘cats’?

A couple of years ago public parks and events in Moscow were continuously being disturbed by a group of naked girls screaming obscenities at the unsuspecting public. When I say naked, I mean they were stark naked! It was the epitome of the culmination of the moral corruption of a segment of Russian society basking ‘in the joy of the fruits of Western civilization’. At last when the deranged naked girls took their performance to the next higher level and broke in to the Holy Savior Cathedral and pulled off one of their trade mark dances, they were forcefully removed from Church grounds and Western liberals screamed foul.   

The irony of it all is that the United States does criminalize nudity as ‘indecent exposure’ and the bulk of American society is against it, however, those abominable horrors in Russia were celebrated as the ultimate torch bearers of freedom in Russia in the mainstream Western media.

The world knows the genesis of such kind of cultural invasion from the West.   

After the collapse of the USSR, Eastern European countries including the Russian Federation were besieged by Western NGOs. These NGOs aren’t the kind we are familiar with.  They aren’t benevolent relief societies. 

The NGOs in East Europe are real conquerors. They dictate terms of democratic engagement to the Sovereign albeit willingly puppet banana Republics of East Europe. If you sample the current leaders of any given East European country, you are certain to find an army of protégés of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation with few exceptions. Failing that you are sure to find beneficiaries of the National Endowment for Democracy or one of its duplicates in other countries. America has been grooming the leaders of East European countries for years and years.

For the past four decades the West has been incubating a bunch of freaks and it has been unleashing them on the said countries in the name of democracy and promoting an open society. The definitive hallmark of these freaks is they tend to exert maximum effort to outdo and outsmart their western counterparts. They tend to display open disdain and condescension to local ways of life and culture. They prefer to speak English however broken and lame it is to their own native tongue.   

Russia’s break with the West and undeclared war was heralded when it began cracking down on these international NGOs and their local counterparts. Beginning from 2012 the Duma of the Russian Federation has adopted laws defining such NGOs as foreign agents and in 2015 the Prosecutor General Office published a list of undesirable NGOs in the country. The list included the Soros foundations and the American National Endowment for Democracy (incidentally there are high profile Ethiopian protégés of the NED). America was understandably furious, ever since the United States has been looking for strings of ‘valid’ pretexts to annihilate the Russian Federation.

So in the event you are wondering this war is dubbed ‘the war in Ukraine’ for the sole reason that it is fought on Ukrainian soil between two blood brothers. The actual war is being fought between the West and Russia. Trust me, this unnecessary war is going to be remembered as the ugliest proxy war ever fought on European soil.

May God Bless Ukrainian civilians caught in the crossfire.  


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