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Ethiopia: 23 gov’t officials reportedly under investigation

The office of Prosecutor General is said to have tangible evidence at its disposal to carry on investigation in the corruption of senior and junior level government officials 


A day after the ruling Prosperity Party completed its first-party congress, there are reports that 23 high and junior level officials are under investigation over what seems like alleged corruption.

 Wazema Radio news report published, in Amharic, on Tuesday cited sources from anonymous sources from the criminal investigation department of the office of prosecutor-general to make claims that 23 officials who are said to have hidden wealth with unverified sources. 

From the report, what led to a criminal investigation is a finding from the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission investigation of government authorities. 

However, the Federal Prosecutor got the lists of officials, who are involved in alleged corruption, from the Addis Ababa Police Commission. 

The commission has been registering the assets of government officials for well over a year now. Government offices that are vulnerable to corruption, as the government thinks, were the primary focus for the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. 

It has reportedly requested the Addis Ababa Police Commission to investigate authorities who are said to have amassed wealth in a corrupt way. 

It is unclear why the Federal Police Commission did not investigate. It may be an indication that corruption is at the city level. 

Cash, residential houses, land, and vehicles are among the alleged wealth that is to be investigated for corruption. The Minister for Justice, Gedion Timotios, reportedly said that there is ample evidence for crime – not just a tip from the public. 

The office seems to have tapped into access to information from financial institutions and government offices to verify the evidence, based on the report from Wazema. 

The Corruption Crimes Directorate within the office of the Prosecutor General will investigate the alleged corruption. It will coordinate with the Addis Ababa police commission in the course of the investigation, according to a Wazema radio report. 

The list of officials involved in the alleged corruption is undisclosed as the investigation is still underway. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed, in his latest appearance at the Ethiopian Parliament, said: “those of us who are not stealing should not be bad-mouthed  because of the thieves in the government.”  

He said that rigorous investigative journalism is coming to help the anti-corruption effort and that the office should be cooperative to those doing investigative journalism. 


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  1. I nvestigation should start from the PM Abiy and all PP/EPRDF itself who have set the wrong and dangerous tone.
    The word that comes out of his mouth is irresponsible and disrespectful to Ethiopians that is not expected from a spoiled child let alone a leader who is trying to control every powerful places.
    His inability and incomitance is driving the country down into lawlessness, horrible crimes, slaughtering and economical sufferings which is also another invitation for uprising and revolution.
    If he is not restrained and correct his actions mass uprising and unrest is inevitable.
    The PM is the main person that must be investigated and taken to International Criminal Court or to a mental hospital.

  2. He is provoking the civilized people of Addis Ababans where most majority do not support Abiy and Orommuma jungle system to rise up and react in massive protest.
    He is promoting violence and jungle law against Addis Ababa University students by the infamous Queerros for uncivilized savage behaviors.
    He is attacking the great people of Ethiopia who represent the vast majority of the population, the Orthodox Christians from Oromo, Amhara, Gurages, Tigres, , South and various parts of Ethiopia.
    He is purposely sending violent, chaotic, rude and uncivilized Queero and Oromo cadres to attack Amhara University Students while arresting peaceful Addis Ababa youth that came out to celebrate the victory of Adwa, Menelik II and Etege Tayitu Betul.
    Abiy is trying to change the cherished peaceful and harmonious culture of Addis Ababa into Oromo culture that Addis Ababans do not want..
    Abiy is disrespecting and violating Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Amhara, Afars, Southerns, Tigres and Somalis rights and heritage.

  3. Good job!!! Throw those bums out and clip their sticky fingers!! Watch now! If one of these grand larcenist manages to get away and come here, to Europe or Oceania we gonna find him deafening us with ‘Abiy brutality’. He will tell us he is being picked on just because he is an Amhara by an ‘Oromo dominated’ regime or he will be seen strolling the streets in our cities and barking like a lying dog with ‘I am prosecuted just because I’m an Oromo and Abiy’s PP is a neftegna run government’. So gullible we are both these two will find sympathetic audience. Just a few weeks ago they were trusted officials and now they will be ‘political refugees’. You just watch!!! You’re all forewarned!!!!

  4. Corruption, theft and massacre infested Abiy’s Prosperity Party government must start the investigation from Aba Dula aka OPDO Sebhat Nega, Takele Uma, Adanech Abebe, Shimelis Abdissa the President of Amhara Butchering Oromia zone and all OPDO Oromo cadres who are scrambling and looting Addis Abana land, houses and Bank accounts.
    Abiy the Butcher is a growing insidious brutal Dictator. Butcher of Amhara Abiy Ahmed now is claiming to be a Muslim instead of a Pentecostal according to his recent speech regarding when he went to visit the Pope… For Abiy anything is easy to say depending what the political agenda is.

  5. The saying goes as “Asa gimatu ke chinkilatu”. Who is responsible for the breakdown of rule of law and mass corruption is the person who is leading.
    Find the money trail and it will lead you to the source of the problem. Evicting citizens from where they reside for many decades is the work of a Corrupt government. and leader. Throwing people out of their homes only to grab land and give it to its political cadres explains nothing than a work of hubris dictatorship.

    The country’s judicial system, accountability, responsibly and the duty of the leader and Parliament is regressing to jungle law because of the ignoramus Abiy holding the power seat.

  6. It is as the saying goes like “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Owning land and the Power seat are Absolute Power.

    In today’s Ethiopian political situation, a leader to go corrupt is inevitable because of the legacy the Derg Communist land law, which made land to go to exclusive State ownership.
    That system kept on giving birth to absolute dictators and repressors and made people subjects robbed of their dignity and human rights.
    After the fall of Communism all previous communist countries have addressed and returned illegally confiscated land back to previous owners and surviving families.
    Yet in Ethiopia EPRDF and PP kept the Communist land law while talking Democracy and election that do not go together. It is undemocratic, illegal and unjust to steal land from citizens.
    Today people are treated as squanders living at the mercy of dictators who owned every inch of land. This is one of the reasons why the surrogate Child of EPRDF that calls itself the Prosperity Party is avoiding addressing the return of land to previous pre-Communist Derg land owners because it will stop them from snatching land from its subjects in the name of government.

    People must demand land ownership to be restored or returned back to pre-Communist Derg records. People must have right to have land ownership rights and government must be limited to holding parks, forest and public places. No one, including the government, can take private property for public use (not for building political cadre offices and the likes) without paying the landowner just compensation.

  7. Prosperity Party Internal Investigation Meeting 1001a/03/2022: Events list

    1) 11: 00 am Opening praye by Oromuma First Pastor Abiy, aka the Ethiopian Butcher
    2) 11:30 am Cake cutting eremony to celebrate Oromumma and the unity of militant Oromo thugs
    3) 12:00 pm Standing ovation for TPLF forefathers on their contributions to Nations and Nationalities
    4) 12:30 pm Special recognition for Mayor Adanech aka the Butcher of Addis on the killing of three unarmed Timket parishioners
    5) 1:00 pm Adanech aka Asamemech gives special gifts to the Militant Oromo murderers aka Oromia Police armed to their teeth with machine guns and bombs for bravely defending Addis from Green, yellow, Red invasion by the unarmed youth and unarmed parishioners

    6)1:00-2:30 pm Lunch festival, 27 course meal with kitfo, Kocho and everything, including ice cream, whiskey tequila, tea, beer and areqe

    7) 2:30 3:30 Nap time ( heavy lunch + heavy drinks)

    8) 3:30- 4:00 special presentation by Dr and professor Lemessa Germessa (graduate of Burayu Qeero academy of violence, doctorate from Kotebe Dengaye Mamrecha Civil college): How Menilik built his Enqualal Bet Palace using the bone marrow of 5 million Oromo victims as cement.

    9) 4:00- 4:30 presentation by Amhara region administrator Yelekal Wueshetu, aka Doma Ras, Amhara region development after war we literally brought to Amhara and Afar by letting our TPLF mercenaries in deliberately.

    10) 4:30 -5:00 pm presentation by Hagos Zenawi on respecting the constitution we constantly violate because we are TPLF and also because we are crazy in the head with some screw s loose

    11) 5:00 – 5:30 pm Abiy the butcher, loquacious and talkative pm s starts speaking

    12) 5:31 pm attendants start geeing bored with the speech

    13) 6:00 pm the fake pastor prays for the second time and closes meeting with the following words: we are great, we do not know what we are doing but we are doing great. We are also winning, we don’t know who we are fighting.

    14) 6:00 pm – 12:00 am Dinner and dance at Sheraton ( PP thugs relaxing after hard day of work of doing nothing)


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