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International Women Day Celebrated across Ethiopia 

Women day _ Ethiopia _ Sahlework
President Sahlework Zwede


International Women’s Day was celebrated across Ethiopia. Sahhlework Zewde, Ethiopia’s First female president, reflected on the achievements of women’s rights in the country. 

Significant progress has been attained in terms of ensuring women’s equality, defending their rights, enhancing awareness and enabling them to have decision making roles, she said in her women’s day message. 

There was a point when Ethiopia came up with a gender-parity cabinet in the past fours years although that has changed a bit now. Yet many women are in important political and economic positions in the government structure. And some of them seem to be powerful.  

The mayor of Addis, Adanech Abeibie, does seem to have a political weight that exceeds the office of a mayor. She frequently travels to regions under the guise of humanitarian engagement to areas affected by the war or drought. 

On the economic front, State-owned Ethio Telecom, which is a giant in the country with over 45 million subscribers, has a female CEO too. Fire Hiwot Tamiru is one of the successful leaders in the country. 

Sahlework Zewde also highlighted that the current war in the northern parts of Ethiopia, including parts of Afar and Amhara regions, has affected women severely.  She talked about how the vulnerabilities were manifested including rape, displacement and hunger. 

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  1. I hope one sooner if not later our women will be able the wrestle away the mantle of ruling that country from top to bottom for us men peaceful that will last at least for 100 years. We will be told to go back, way back, in line. We men have monopolized the politics of ruling the country for ages that we have become so arrogant with it. We have stopped listening to reasons. We get high from starting bloody wars for stupid reasons. We get pleasure in throwing innocent victims to filthy prisons and we send them to the gallows whenever we feel like it. Our women will never do that. They are so gifted with inherent diplomacy that they will always give dialogue all the chances. And they will never start bloody conflicts for any stupid reason just to send their Allah Given children to their deaths. They are smart and gifted. You want me to give ocular proof for that. How about Queen of Sheba to start with? How about that fire spitting Amhara/Barentu blend patriot Taytu? How about all our women members of the current cabinet? MOH, Telecom, President of The Supreme Court, that firebrand Chairperson of NEBE, how long do you want me to go on? How about the fire tested in international diplomacy and the current President? Out of the political scene for the next 100 years! That is my hope and dream.


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