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Ethiopia’s Election Board wants militant OLF leader be free from house arrest 

Election Board _ OLF _ Dawud Ibsa
Bertukan Mideksa speaking to journalists during the last Ethiopian election (Photo : Reuters /File)


The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia this week demanded the Federal government to release Dawud Ibsa from house arrest in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Dawud, who is the leader of the radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist organization – Oromo Liberation Front – has been under house arrest for about one year. 

The Board that Bertukan Midekssa is leading wrote a letter to the Federal Police Commission and National  Information and Security Services (NISS) saying that it has confirmed Dawud’s house arrest. 

The Board  thinks his house arrest is unacceptable under any legal ground. 

Two plain cloth government securities are guarding him in his house , and that there is tight security detail to community with him, said the Electoral Board. 

It is unclear if it falls within the jurisdiction of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia  to investigate detention circumstances of political party leaders. 

The National Electoral Board has also deployed an investigative team to Benishangul Gumuz , South Ethiopia, South West Ethiopia, Sidama, Oromia and Addis Ababa to look into politicians that are reportedly arrested. 

Dawud Ibsa is believed to have been involved, as many Ethiopians seem to think, in the massacre of thousands of innocent Ethiopians in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

The military wing of his organization, which the government calls Shane, has been massacring ethnic Amhara civilians in the Oromo region. 

He had been in exile until Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed allowed his organization to enter into Ethiopia on condition of disarming his forces and engaging in peaceful political struggle. Mr. Dawud was defiant to disarm his forces and he had a controversy with the Federal government. 


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  1. Bertukan Mideksa is stepping out of line. She should stick to her responsibility and be reprimanded for interfering out her responsibility. At the same time what must be noted is her action that speaks loud for not being impartial but partial to OLF . Therefore she is not serving Ethiopians well and all her decisions and actions must be examined followed by her removal from her post.

  2. Bertukan has lost her credibility when she legitimized Prosperity Party as without going through the challenges and process other parties had to go through. Election time was marred with chaotic confusion, war with Terrorist TPLF and using TPLF as the main threat for Ethiopia’s disintegration Abiy appealed and pleaded as the savor of Ethiopia’s unity and growth. PP used its position for fanning full propaganda and denying others the platform to compete including by tearing down their advertisements.

    From time to time she has shown her inclination in support of OLF with careful wordings of human rights.
    Now without shame any reservation she has openly has come to defend OLF . So OLF people are running and it is all with full support of Abiy with split tongues.

  3. Looks like another round killing of olf and Tplf against citizens. Bizarre that it came from the victimized and true Ethiopian, Birtucan

    • On the other hand, there are really money making medias, her words might be used out of context by the so called money making medias and she should say something if wrong


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