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Man reportedly arrested with US$188,000  cash 

US dollars


A man is arrested in Nazret (Adama), about 100 kilometres south east of Addis Ababa, for illegally, it is alleged, carrying hard currency cash.  

Ethiopian News Agency, state media,  cited police, on Thursday, to report that the man was carrying about $188 thousand US dollars and Euro. 

Workenesh Gelmecha, the city’s police department media officer and inspector, is cited as saying that the suspect was arrested by police who were on patrol. 

There seems to be conflicting information as the report also cited that the suspect was arrested on Wednesday evening during a search operation in the Dabe Soloke sub city of Adama.  

The suspect, whose name is undisclosed, was carrying US $168,000 and € 19,850. 

Also, the report added that the money was seized in a truck, plate number code 3-20460 , that was travelling from Addis Ababa to Djibouti. 

Police claim that the intention was to smuggle the money out of Ethiopia. Driver of the truck who allegedly attempted to facilitate it is also arrested. 

It is unclear as to what the suspects had to say about it as it was not indicated in report from the state media. 

The money seized fetch  over 9.6 million birr with the current exchange rate.  

circulation of illegal hard currencies and firearms had been rampant after Abiy Ahmed took office about four years ago. 


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