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Ethiopia calling for restrain in Ukraine Conflict 

Unlike Eritrea, Ethiopia did not oppose sanctions against Russia in connection with the conflict in Ukraine


Ethiopia is expressing concern regarding the conflict in Ukraine. 

“As Ethiopia closely follows the developments in Europe with great caution, we urge all parties to exercise restraint in the Ukraine crisis,” said Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a message he released, on Thursday, regarding the conflict in Ukraine. 

He also made remarks about “interdependence” in the global community and vulnerabilities in the face of it without directly remarking about the range of economic and other forms of sanctions on Russia. 

He said “issues we consider remote  to our respective locations have in reality exposed vulnerabilities in that no nation is an Island.” 

Pointing out how war impacts vulnerable sections of the society , the prime minister added that Ethiopia has experience to share about the devastating nature of war.  He was making a reference to the war that started as a form of law enforcement operation against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front – an ultra ethnic Tigray nationalist group that attacked several bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in November 2020. 

“Our experience has shown,” said Abiy, “the devastating consequences that war inflicts upon families, communities, livelihoods and the economy at large.” 

It called on parties to the conflict to act responsibly. ” We urge all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint in the Ukrainian crisis,” said the statement from the office of the Prime Minister.  

Russia, along with China, was opposing moves , at the United Nations Security Council, that were meant to be framing the situation in Ethiopia for intervention under the guise of humanitarian cause during the conflict with the TPLF which is not yet concluded. The United States, on the other hand, was tacitly supporting the TPLF forces, as many Ethiopians seem to believe. 

Apart from the conflict, Russia, again along with China, was in favour of the “African solutions to African problem,” approach during  the negotiation between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, regarding Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) while the United States was attempting to impose an agreement favouring Egypt at the expense of Ethiopia. 

Russia and Ukraine on Thursday reached an agreement in the negotiation in Belarus to make an arrangement for a temporary ceasefire in an effort to ensure a humanitarian corridor for civilians. The conflict is expected to create a flood of migrants in Europe. There are alleged reports that African students in Ukraine are experiencing racist discriminations which is not making news in major western media outlets. 

Ethiopia is not on the list of countries of the world that voted in favour of sanctions against Russia. However, it did not impose sanctions against Russia. Neighbouring Eritrea on the other hand voted against sanction on Russia 


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  1. Under the current quagmire that country is in this call for restraints can be a wise move. It has enough domestic bullies wreaking havoc within its own territory.

  2. Meanwhile, those of us who live here in the West should keep the innocent people of Ukraine in our prayers and thoughts. We should send donations to charities that are currently involved to deliver badly needed aid to those beleaguered citizens. It is reported now that around one million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their war torn country. We know about calamities more than others and we had sought kind hands during our own dark days including today.


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