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Adwa victory celebration at Menelik Square


Adwa victory celebration turned out to be a little controversial this year due to government decision to change the event place to Adwa bridge in stead of Menelik II square. However, Ethiopians defied government sabotage and celebrated it at the Menelik II Square.

Watch Video below.

Video : embedded from Nahoo TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Oh my God! How beautiful and inspiring! Thank you Addis Ababans and Addis Ababa youth for putting so much energy and effort in thwarting Kejela’s and OLF uncivilized unheard of evil dream.

    OLF and Abiy with rigid and narrow stupid mentality cannot and will not fool Addis Ababans and Ethiopians.
    OLF and Abiy keep out your OLF/OLA Shene ignorance and OLF/OLA Shene sided backward dreams out of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia!!

    Priority to Addis Ababans and its youth…..
    The youth of Addis Ababans youth deserves to get decent employment where they live! Abiy/OLF/OLA, Do not repeat TPLF mistake again!

    No to Oromos coming out of Oromia to take Addis Ababans job with fake degrees.
    Professor Berhanu Nega fed exam result to Oromia “students” who never attend any school is busted out wide open!
    So shameful and funny when the rest of real students from all corners failed, only from Oromia Oromos who never knew where schools are located passed!!!


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