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Ethiopia celebrate 126th anniversary of Adwa Victory 

Controversy surface as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led government is rumoured to have change celebration place for Adwa Victory 

Adwa Victory _ Ethiopia
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Ethiopia  is celebrating the 126th anniversary of the Adwa victory. On March 2, 1896, Ethiopia defeated the invading Italian Colonial army at the battle of Adwa.

Emperor Menelik II and his wife Empress Taitu led the Ethiopian army in person, travelling from the capital all the way to Adwa. The Empress herself is recorded in the history of battle of Adwa as one of the best military strategists. 

The victory had been an inspiration in the entire African continent during the struggle against colonialism.  

In Ethiopia, it had been politicised since the TPLF took over central government power in 1991. The radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, under whose political influence prime minister Abiy Ahmed seems to function in recent months, has been more vocal in tarnishing the shining Adwa victory and the stellar leadership of Emperor Menelik II. 

For radical ethnic politicians and their crowds, Emperor Menelik was a “colonizer.” For Ethiopians and the rest of the black  people, Menelik is an icon of resistance to oppression of the black race. 

This year, there have been reports that government authorities imposed restrictions on Ethiopians not to celebrate Adwa victory at the Menelik II Statue near St. George Church in the centre of the city. 

The matter triggered extensive controversy and Ethiopians took it to social media to blast what they call government sabotage to detach the victory of Adwa from emperor Menelik II.  Government wants much of the celebration to take place at Adwa bridge where there is no Statue of the Emperor or the Empress. 

Government security task force claims that the resistance agenda to the government event plan is initiated by “those who do not want the celebration to be peaceful.” 

On the other hand Ethiopians are questioning why the government is all the time throwing an agenda that thwarts the spirit of Ethiopianism. For some, it is a cover to implement radical ethnic Oromo nationalist, who are said to have infiltrated by arrangement and in large numbers different levels of government structures, agenda at the expense of what Ethiopians hold dear. 

For others, the radical group can not conceal extensive and organised looting under the cover of government power, just like what Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) used to do,  without throwing an agenda that outrages and engages the public. The Prime Minister recently  admitted the matter when he said, in his appearance at the parliament, that he does not want to be labelled as a thief because of those who steal government resources. He encouraged investigative journalism by state-owned media. 

He has however lost  considerable public trust.  One of  the mistrust is that the radical ethnic Oromo forces, within and outside of his government, are trying to Oromize Ethiopia and Ethiopian history by exploiting their new gained absolute dominance over the central government. But the Prime Minister’s public rhetoric does not give any clue about this agenda as he paints himself as a champion of Ethiopia’s cause. 

Changing the Adwa Victory celebration place from near Emperor Menelik Statue  to Adwa bridge is seen as a manifestation of hate towards Menelik. Dubbed as one of the most skilful, farsighted and benevolent Ethiopian emperors, his legacy seems to be unending one. 

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! This is my proudest day as a person of Ethiopian heritage since I heard and read about it. This day must be out of those who are in the business of bashing everything about that gem of the colored called Ethiopia. I plea to the dear editors of this esteemed website not to allow those with a stinking dragon breath to come here and foul out the air. You can talk to me about democracy until the cows come home but when it comes to the Victory at Adwa it is a non starter for me. Bigots and republic daydreamers can take their human refuse and dump it somewhere at their speakeasies.

    • Make that: This day must be out reach of those who are in the business of bashing everything about that gem of the colored called Ethiopia.

  2. Great celebration and great memorization of the Greatest king of Ethiopia Atse Menelik II, the Defender of Freedom and Pride!
    Proud of all Ethiopian who came to celebrate their Great past King and their’s history.
    Proud of all Ethiopians and Black people who uphold high standard for Freedom and Defenders of Freedom.
    Proud of all Ethiopian who stood firm to keep their celebration at the right place and time despite Kejela Merdesa’ attempt to spoil it.

    Kejela Merdasa must GO!!! Remove Kejela Merdsa and OLF gangs out of the Government!!!!
    He is not the right person for the right Job.

  3. Adwa Victory lead by the Greatest king, Emperor Menelik II, led Ethiopian troops against Italian invaders in the First Italo-Ethiopian War; following a decisive victory at the Battle of Adwa. Those who fought beside their king were the magnificent lady Etege Taytu Betul and all those gallant fighters that joined the war from all corners of Ethiopia. With that great sacrifice recognition of Ethiopia’s independence was confirmed. Thus there is no better day than this most honorable and precious day that is shared by millions of Ethiopians except the PM and OLF cadres..

    For the first time in Ethiopian history shamefully, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia failed to attend and share the celebration among Ethiopians who fled to fill Menelik II Public Place and City streets Kejela Merdasa tried to diminish the value but he ended up sending angry Ethiopians in droves to celebrate their late Kings proud moment, sacrifice and victory. At the same time Kejela was observed running out of the country to Dubai in fear of disapproval.

    The clear message evidently is that there is huge separation between the government PM Abiy Prosperity OLF Party plans that has nothing to do prospering non Oromo people and the people of Ethiopia’s values, need and plans. Ethiopians vehemently disapprove and reject the narrow and violent extremists OLF agenda.
    On this precious day PM Abiy got caught red handed while promoting the narrow-minded against Ethiopia agenda of OLF hidden under the Prosperity Party.


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