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Ukraine- the Price of Chilling with the Big boys 

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By Samuel Estefanous

The Ukraine is being licked by the full power of the Russian army.  At long last it is happening. 

I won’t say ‘serves it right’ but the Ukraine has been sticking its long  tongue at the Russian Federation taking cover behind the United States and the EU these past eight years.

The Ukraine provokes its big neighbor to the North and the minute the Bear casts a menacing glance, it screams ‘Help, help…it is doing it again…Russia is looking at me funny.’ And the Big Boys rush in with generous supply of armament, money, other hand outs as well as Western toys.

This has been going on for such a long time that the decision of Putin to put an end to it is understandable. As it is, given his temperaments, it is a miracle he has held out for this long.

What is at stake?

1-From our high school days we remember our history lesson about the birth of the Russian State in the heart of what is today’s Ukraine. It was aptly named Kievan Rus and I wonder if Russia is going to give up on the Ukraine just like that, at least on Kiev and the region laying to the east of the Capital. I am not saying it is going to integrate the Ukraine in to the Russian Federation but it wouldn’t quit considering it as the Near Abroad.

2-More than half modern day Ukrainians are Russian speaking and the Ukrainian language is being forced down throats. Unlike what Western mainstream media is telling us, I don’t think half Ukraine is that unwelcoming to the advances of the Russian forces. 

I had a Russian speaking Ukrainian friend who used to tell me the humiliation she suffered at the hands of the West Ukrainian authorities whose chief aim is to turn the Ukraine as solely Ukrainian speaking Country.  Such seemingly isolated instances have gone legit and mainstream since 2014.

Occasionally, the draconian measures taken by the Ukrainian authorities against the use of the Russian language are so outrageous, primitive and inconceivable to any level headed individual that even the standup comedian turned President Zelensky used to speak against it. 

3-Western media deliberately ignores the fact that the de-Russification of the Ukraine is a coordinated well funded project clandestinely sponsored by the West. The Banderite gangs thus organized and staged a coup on European soil in the 21thC and unseated a democratically elected government just because the Party that had won the election happened to be friendly towards the Russian Federation. The Coup was backed and endorsed by the United States and its European allies.

The Coup plotters never made a secret of their hatred of Russia and Russian speaking Ukrainians; they openly declare that they are pro-Nazi and have organized themselves in to SS like armed bands known as Azov brigades or something like that but you never hear of them in the mainstream Western media.  

Just what did the Western alliance expect from the Russian Federation in such circumstances? 

4-The West has always been ganging up on Russia. In the Crimean war half Europe joined forces to humiliate Russia, so much so that our own Emperor Theodore II expressed his solidarity with Russia by naming his cannon Sebastopol after the City at the heart of the conflict. See? Even back then there were Western military alliances against Russia. 

5-I don’t think anybody would blame Russia if it viewed NATO as a hydra headed monster. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded in 1949 when the world woke to a cold reality that it is divided in to Red and Capitalist bloc Countries.  NATO as the Western Capitalist military alliance met its matching Red counterpart in the Warsaw Pact some six years later.

After the demise of the Berlin wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact was disbanded; on the other hand NATO is growing and taking in more and more members. All former Warsaw Pact countries with the exception of the Russian Federation have joined the Western military alliance to the absolute horror and chagrin of Russia. Year by year NATO is closing in on Russia like a deadly tropical python.  Obviously Russia is wondering why…

6-It is a matter of public record that the United States has played Russia false. Every time the Russian Federation wanted to know the exact threat that justified the continued existence of NATO, it was told a pack of lies and it was promised NATO couldn’t be disbanded but it wouldn’t expand to the East either. 

But expand it did, not only in to the former Warsaw Pact countries and the Baltic Republics but it is actively engaging Georgia and the Ukraine

7-It is a very thinly veiled secret that primarily the United States and the United Kingdom consider a strong, affluent and independent Russia as an existential threat to the world order they have charted to fit their megalomaniac typically Anglo-Saxon values.  A security military alliance is founded in response to an existing close, imminent and present threat. In 1949 it was obviously the Soviet Union; presently it is the Russian Federation. 

The rest of NATO members are playing second fiddle to the grand scheme of the United States. Germany and France aren’t that enthusiastic about it. Remember it was France which had kicked NATO head quarter from Paris unable to stand the grandstanding of the United States.

The former Republic of Soviet Union-Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine are fresh inductees in to the Western world order and they are flipping backwards to prove to the world that they are indeed no longer in the Russian sphere of influence. They don’t have the confidence of Finland (Finland wouldn’t join NATO and wouldn’t play in to the hands of the US) to chart out their own foreign or security policies. Their readiness to oblige the United States sometimes assumes a ludicrous proportion, and taking advantage of their enthusiasm, America is dumping its decadence, filth and scum bugs on these territories.

8-I feel sorry for the Ukraine. Its enemy isn’t Russia but its own pathetic leadership that has chosen to be salivating poodles to the United States. They are acting like pesky juveniles in high school who make annoying noises after ‘buying’ protection from the big boys; betraying the homeboys to chill with the big ones always comes at a price. 

God Bless.        


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