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Ethiopian Martyrs Day message of Patriots

“Ethiopia did not survive without a price and the Young generation should know about it,” is the martyr’s day message from the patriots 

Ethiopian Patriots Day _ Martyrs
Ethiopian Patriots standing at Yekatit 12 Martyr’s statue ( courtesy : EBC )


Ethiopia on Saturday celebrated the 85th anniversary of the Ethiopian Martyrs day – Yekatit 12 (translates to February 19). On this day, more than 33,000 residents of Addis Ababa were massacred by the occupying fascist Italy forces.  The massacre started on February 19 and lasted for three days, according to recorded history. 

Fascist Italy Military commanders ordered the massacre after two Ethiopian Young men attempted to assassinate Rodolfo Graziani, invading Italian  fascists forces commander, when he was making a speech in the premises of what is now Siddist Kilo campus of Addis Ababa University. They threw a hand grenade, with which Graziani was wounded.  

In the capital Addis Ababa, it was celebrated near the martyrs’ statue in the vicinity of Sidist kilo.  The event attracted veteran Ethiopian patriots and their association, residents of Addis Ababa and government officials as well. 

“The Young generation should understand that Ethiopia did not survive without a price, and should know its history, and defend Ethiopia,” said Lij Daniel Jote who is the president of Ethiopian Patriots Association. 

He added that the new generation should pause, learn about Ethiopia’s past and create a better Ethiopia for tomorrow. 

Ethiopian Patriots association has been conveying a message of Unity of Ethiopia ever since the country’s unity was shaken through the agency of Ethiopian political actors who have been in power for decades branded as “liberators” – liberators from what they call “neftegna.” 

Ethiopia has been facing unprecedented internal challenges that are believed to be orchestrated by external forces. In the Oromo region of Ethiopia,for example, the massacre of innocent Ethiopians, by radicalised ethnic nationalists, continues to claim thousands of lives, and the Ethiopian government is not doing anything meaningful to stop it. 

In the North, there is war that has been affecting the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 


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