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Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Synod update on the meeting with Addis Ababa Mayor 

His Holiness Abune Mathias Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church


Addis Ababa Mayor, Adanech Abiebie, has been making headlines in the Ethiopian news outlets after she made, last month, what many Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers see as a regrettable remark over the ownership of Meskel Square.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Synod initiated a meeting with the mayor apparently to get an explanation about her remarks and also to discuss the issue of Meskel Square and Jan Meda ( a place in the vicinity of Sidist Kilo where the Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of Epiphany). 

The meeting did not happen right away. First, Adaniech Abiebie wanted it to take place at the Sheraton Addis which the Holy Synod declined for religious reasons. The Holy Synod wanted the meeting to take place at the Patriarchate.  She reportedly cited a “security problem” to meet with the Synod at the Patriarchate.

Following public outcry over what many called ‘arrogance,’ she sneaked to the patriarchate, last weekend, and posted a status update on her social media saying she had a constructive meeting and reached an agreement with His Holiness Abune Mathias. 

The Meeting with the Holy Synod finally happened on Tuesday at the Patriarchate. The Church has released a statement about it. 

According to Ethiopian Orthodox Church Broadcasting Service, The Holy Synod confirmed that a meeting was held with Adanech Abiebie. It said that there was a positive atmosphere during the meeting. 

It is stated that the City administration has agreed to set up a joint committee to look into  issues the Holy Synod raised, including Meskel Square and Jan media, resolve them. 

Furthermore, the statement from the Holy Synod said that a durable solution will be given to Meskel Square and Jan Meda. 

The Holy Synod and the City administration have reportedly expressed readiness to work in a cooperation in the future. 

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