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Truck drivers say driving through Oromia region horrifying 

Amhara regional state authorities claim that they are  coordinating with Oromo regional state to tackle security risks truck drivers are facing 

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Google map. Indicated in red location marker is Gohatsion in Oromo region part of the areas where Truck drivers face security risk from radical Oromo nationalist gunmen


Truck drivers shuttling between the capital Addis Ababa to the Amhara region via Gohatsion in Oromia region say it has become a security risk to travel to and from the region. There have been incidents of killings of truck drivers, beatings and kidnappings by gunmen operating in the region. 

Setu Berhan, a truck driver, shared his experience with DW Amharic service. He had been working for six years between Gondara and Genda Wuha. 

Ten truck drivers had been killed in just one year between Oromia region and Abay Gorges in the Amhara region, told DW Amharic service reporter. 

Over one hundred truck drivers had to quit their job due to the security problem in the Oromia region. 

“Unless the issue is resolved immediately, drivers could make their own decisions,” he warned without hinting at the nature of it. 

The Amhara regional state is claiming that it is working on it. It is implied that the work needs coordination with the regional state in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, where there had been a persistent security crisis affecting civilians – mostly of Amhara ethnic background. 

Engidaw Tegenaw, peace and security affairs deputy director of Amhara region, is cited as saying that the regional government is working in coordination [with the Oromo region administration]. 

He also responded to the claim that some members of the security forces shared information with gunmen. “We are discerning security officers who are working with the enemy,” he said. 

In a related development, a new report emerged on social media that two ethnic Amhara Ethiopians were killed in a horrifying manner in the Wollega area of the Oromo region. The Oromo Liberation Front military wing is said to be behind the attack and the bodies are reportedly burned. 

Last week, 168 innocent civilians were massacred by the same group in the same area of Oromo region.  

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  1. What else does that country need now? Debre and his cabals seem to be putting the final touch for the inevitable, a separate Republic. Their affiliates of the two major religions have just announced their separations from the rest of the country. This is happening in the middle an alleged negotiations. Who/what else will announce separation from the rest of the nation? The hyenas. baboons, rats, foxes? The white head eagle has already separated and moved to Egypt already!!! I believe all these killings are part of the strategy of those who are hell bent to see that gem the colored is no more! The want to have the central government stretched out beyond its limits. It is the strategy of resources diversion and dealing telling blows at the soft belly of the regime. These demons want to create chaos every where so they can fish in the troubled waters. So far the regime does not seem to be lured into this ploy. Who in his right wants to harm innocent truck drivers who bring essentials to the door steps of citizens? He must be the one with a sick mind, demon of the third kind.


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