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Ethiopia, South Sudan relation goes beyond diplomatic niceties, says John Gai Yoh 

Chairman of the South Sudan Center for Strategic and Policy Studies says Ethiopia, South Sudan relation goes beyond diplomatic niceties

South Sudan _ Ethiopia
John Gai Yoh poses for a picture with Ambassador Nebil (Photo : MFAE)


Dr. John Gai Yoh, Founder and Chairman of the South Sudan Center for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) received H.E. H.E. Ambassador Nebil Mahdi and exchanged views on bilateral and regional issues.

In the course of the talks, Ambassador Nebil said institutions like the CSPS have a great role in linking the two countries socio-economically.

Despite the changes in governments, all Ethiopian leaders have proven Ethiopia’s commitment and support to the People of South Sudan is steadfast.”

He also expressed the Embassy’s interest to work in cooperation with the institution to facilitate collaboration with its counterparts in Ethiopia.

Clarifying the atrocities by the TPLF terrorist group, he said, “though using the embezzled finance from Ethiopia, TPLF is benefiting not the Tigray regional people, but its small circle.

By rejecting the government’s pleas and multiple chances for the path of peace, the TPLF has proven it could not survive without instigating war, the ambassador added.

Pan-Africanism was another key point in the discussion, where the ambassador underlined the need to foster Pan-Africanist spirit within the continent and beyond.

Dr. John Gai Yoh, on his part, said the relationship between Ethiopia and South Sudan is based on mutual interest embedded with a history of friendship.

Explaining the existing socio-cultural similarities between the two countries, the Chairman voiced that both countries have common issues between and over the region in which they can’t compromise.

Mentioning Ethiopia’s viable and practical commitment to Pan-Africanism, the Chairman raised Ethiopia’s candid contributions to his country’s struggle for justice and equality. He also hailed, “therefore, Ethiopia is our home.”

Expressing Ethiopians’ and South Sudanese’ robust conviction on the spirit of Pan-Africanism, he articulated that a Pan-Africanist is the one, who understands his/her real identity within world politics.

The Chairman also added, “It is difficult to divide our people based on blood. Our relation with Ethiopia is not about the equation of diplomatic niceties.”

The discussion was also attended by Dr. Melha Rout Biel, the Executive Director of the CSPS.

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