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Condition of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia prison needs immediate attention

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Updated on December 16,2022

Renewed Saudi government brutality against Ethiopian immigrants is beyond words, says Nebiu Sirak, a journalist who lived Saudi for well over two decades. 

The crackdown seems to target Ethiopians only. Appearing on State media, EBC, he said that Ethiopians are being hunted down and thrown in jail, including those Ethiopians with residence permits. 

Homes of Ethiopian immigrants have been broken into by security forces and their properties vandalized. Nebiy shared an incident in which an Ethiopian woman who is married to a Sudanese was separated from her husband and taken to prison. 

The prison situation is horrible.  He described the latest crackdown, unprecedented in the history of Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of Ethiopian migrants have been impacted by it. 

Ethiopians are calling on the government to act to rescue Ethiopians. Government on its part has been claiming diplomatic efforts regarding Ethiopians in and outside Saudi prison. 

Meanwhile, Oromo Federalist Congress on Friday demanded the Ethiopian government to provide emergency assistance to Ethiopians in Saudi Prison. The party has expressed readiness to support government action to support citizens in a difficult situation in Saudi Arabia. 

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  1. Try to use your ties with UAE, Saudi and Turkey to help these prionsers get freed . Satan has good side : Worship God . However, amhara elites never have tendency for good act. You have already exploited your ties with midle east powers to destroy our churches , dismantle our oldest country and burn even mosques.

    put fanos behind bars and free Amhara .


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