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Agricultural product export generated US $215 million in six months : report

Avocado products from Ethiopia ( Photo credit : fruitnet)


Ethiopia reportedly earned over US $215 million birr from the export of agricultural products over the past six months.

EBC, state media, on Friday cited the Dire Dawa Branch of the Ministry of Trade and regional integration Ministry to report that the products were exported via the south Eastern part of Ethiopia.  In addition to the port of Djibouti, Ethiopia uses Somalian ports for import and export trade.

Tesfaye Hadgu, Head of the Dire Dawa Branch of the Ministry, is quoted as saying that the revenue is generated mainly from the export of fruits, vegetables, coffee, cereals, Khat and Cattle.

Germany, Japan, North America and countries in East Africa are among the destinations for the export products.

The office says the earning constitutes about 95.5 percent of what was planned to earn but is up by about 8 percent compared to performances last year.

The nearly five percent discrepancy is explained, according to the office, as the works of the drought conditions observed in that part of Ethiopia since October this year. It has negatively impacted agricultural products, according to the report.

Another factor cited in the report is illicit trade in cattle in the region which contributed to the decrease in foreign currency earning.

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  1. That is like peanuts. Zilch, nada. At most $ 500 million US per year. This country is going down a drain. Thanks Dictator Abiy and OLF and TPLF thugs.


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