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Murle gunmen reportedly raided a refugee camp in Gambella

Gamebella _ Murle
Ogetu Ading , Gambella region head of the press secretary office (Photo : GRG)


Murle gunmen who are said to have crossed from South Sudan raided Dima refugee camp in the Gambella region of Ethiopia.  A man is killed, and two others have sustained life-threatening and light injuries. 

In addition to the attack in the refugee camp, Another man who was said to be riding a motorbike was killed while travelling from Pugnido district to Tedo locality. 

The regional government announced it on Friday, but the incident happened on Thursday. 

Gamebella regional government press Secretariat Office said, on its social media page,  three Children were kidnapped. 

Ogetu Ading, head of the press secretary office, said gunmen from South Sudan have been carrying out attacks at different times as the border with South Sudan is extensive and open. 

He  also recalled a recent incident where unidentified gunmen killed a truck driver and his assistant when travelling from Gambella city to the Nuer zone. 

Furthermore, he added that a search operation is underway to capture the gunmen and the regional government called on the public to cooperate with security personnel.  

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  1. Shimeles Abdissa was quit for as long as when Amhara and Afar are fighting with TPLF terrorists. He is also quit as usual hiding his head in stones over the remains of Amhara Genocide dead bodies in Oromia Zone..
    Suddenly Shimeles after massive Amharas are gruesomely slaughtered in Ormoia Zone, he has arose from his deep sleep busy running around with money to hand out to Amhara PP like a Mafia boss. He gave 100,000,000 Bir to Amhara Prosperity Party and now in Gambella giving out millions of Birr after Gambella was attacked maybe by Shene Terrorist by crossing Ethiopian border.

    Here the questions must be why giving money to APP so important for Shimeles Abdissa instead of Stopping the Genocide and Helping the Genocide Amhara victims right where they are, in Oromia Amhara bloodbath Zone?
    How come he kept expositing Amhara for for continuous and predictable Genocide attacks especially during harvesting their farm crops?
    Why did he allow Oromo Police and administrative workers to distribute arms to Genocide perpetrators, Shene, the Oromia Police and Administrative workers?
    Also, why is Shimeles so quick to run to Gambella with money to give after Gamella/Ethiopia’s sovereignty is violated by Sudanese criminals?

    But after every Genocide on Amhara living under the administration of Oromuma administration Shimels is trying to divert the attention away from himself and Oromo PP evil administration and from the angry Amhara People fed up with PP Government.
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  4. The secret negotiation in Kenya between Tigre Tplf and Oromo OLF with out Amhara Afar Somali Gambella Southern Ethiopians. Scrambling over Amhara land. Wrong and Evil that isn’t acceptable.


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