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Malinowski Bill Will Destroy Ethiopia-US Relations, Say Leading Diaspora Group

American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee _ Malinowski Bill

Press Release

The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC), a leading advocacy group for the Ethiopian diaspora, has warned a new Bill introduced by Representative Malinowski of New Jersey will adversely affect the century-old diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and the United States.

The fourteen-month conflict between Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) insurgency, has started to ease following a counter-offensive by government forces which aborted the TPLF’s march on Addis Ababa and their occupation of Afar and Amhara.

Following the TPLF’s defeat and withdrawal to Tigray, the Ethiopian Government has taken significant steps toward peace including halting armed operations at the borders of Tigray, offering amnesty for several TPLF leaders and creating a national dialogue to help secure lasting peace for the country.

Despite that, Representative Malinowski has introduced a Bill calling for aggressive action to be taken by the United States and other members of the international community. Among the irrational suggestions are additional sanctions, calls for a new human rights investigation and ceasing investment support for vital infrastructure projects in Ethiopia via the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.

There is also a renewed effort to have the conflict defined as a ‘genocide’ against the Tigray people, ignoring the millions in Amhara and Afar who were victims of the TPLF’s ethnic-based violence.

Chairman of AEPAC, Mesfin Tegenu said:

“We are extremely disappointed and saddened to see this Bill published by Representative Malinowski that is nothing short of an attack on Ethiopia and its people. Ethiopia, at this time, should have been encouraged for the positive measures it has started to take, for example matters addressed by the joint recommendation of the two UN and Ethiopia Human Rights Commission in November 2021.

“Put quite simply, this will bring about the end of the Ethiopia-US relationship as we know it.

“As Ethiopia starts on its journey to peace after more than a year of conflict, Representative Malinowski wants to cripple Ethiopia’s economy and fuel tensions.

“The Bill is simply not reflective of the realities on the ground, many of the actions it requests of Ethiopia from an amnesty for prisoners to the formation of a national dialogue are already in progress. Also, the Bill has limited focus on the TPLF – the insurgent group who triggered this conflict and is yet to fully lay down arms and cease fighting.

“The one-million strong Ethiopian-American community will have our voices heard. We will do all we can to oppose this Bill and we call on friends of Ethiopia to support our campaign.”

AEPAC has repeatedly set out its request of Congress to support peace in Ethiopia through four simple steps.

  • Call on the TPLF to end its offensive in Afar and for their remaining forces to commit to an unconditional ceasefire.
  • Recognise the humanitarian aid challenge now extends far beyond Tigray into Afar and Amhara, with an estimated 9 million people in need of support across the three Northern Regions.
  • Wholeheartedly support the national dialogue commission in order to secure a lasting peace.
  • Cease punitive sanctions on Ethiopia and reverse the de-listing of Ethiopia from AGOA.

About AEPAC :

The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee is dedicated to promoting a positive, synergetic relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC’s core mission is to strengthen and enhance the century-old relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC strives to build a strong partnership based on the common interests and mutual benefits of the two countries.

More information on our work can be found here:

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  1. USA has no use for Ethiopia. Europe is next in line to enforce sanctions. ethiopians should just start learning Chinese and the Quran. That is the future.

  2. Learn Chinese and the Quran ?Half of us if not more than half already know and recite the Quran. But seriously, where do the million Ethiopians in the US reside/ I have been here for over 30 years and I ain’t seen that many Ethiopians. Somalis are by far more numerous in American than Ethiopians and even they are not on the neighborhood of million.

  3. Good bye to the ancient country that used to be cohesive, free and admired. No More Ethiopia.
    The absurdity of all, it is being formally proposed by the ALL Mighty, GREAT GOOD OLD USA, ADMIRED by ALL the defender of Liberty for all and example to the WORLD. One can’t help being speechless — except those who are known, for time immemorial, for their policy of dictatorship and harsh treatment upon their population. They must be delighted and advertised their policy, attracting the world to their policy. In all fairness, one tends to wish them good luck!!!!!

  4. Hopefully the US sees the truth about the ongoing Genocide against Amhara people started by TPLF Tigre and now by the current Ethiopian government and Oromo administration.
    There has been so much lie and false propaganda spread for so many years against Amhara people. Tigrea TPLF and Oromo OLF and Shena were spreading false news by portraying Amhara as the repressor when there was not as such government that was organized by ethnic Amhara group.
    For the First Time ever in History, Ethnic government was introduced by the TPLF Tigrea lair, cruel, ruthless and repressive government 30 years ago.
    45 years ago under the Monarchy Ethiopia was tranquil where the rule of law was implemented, the judicial system separated from the government, individual rights, land ownership was respected. Now there is no rule of law, Addis Ababa Police is govern by Adanech Abebe and Shimeles Abdissa. Where they abduct and kidnap any oppositions without any warrants. Where prisoners’ where bouts and reasons for their arrest is not known or undisclosed

    kesate and Djay,
    What does religion has to do with ethnic politics ? Since over 65% of Ethiopians are Christians anyway, continuing to stay with learning the Bible will keep going.
    People must know the difference between religion and politics? Religion is individual and Country and Politics are shared assets. Besides Ethiopia has not benefited anything from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan or the whole Arab league that are Muslims with Quran except interfering and arming rebels to create chaos, war and refugees. Saudi Arabia is abusing Ethiopians Muslims by dressing them in trash bags. Sadly and in cruelty they are kept crowded in cold prisons while Ambassador Lencho is seating idle, plotting, doing nothing to help and sleeping in comfort.
    Therefore know how to pick what will bring equality, respect and stability when it comes living in a shared country. .

  5. The US Senate has just passed this bipartisan bill. I prefer to wait before I comment on this latest bill by the congress. I want to see how it is applied or put into motion. I agree with the idea of sanctioning of those who are still perpetuating this senseless and destructive conflict. It should never have been allowed to take place between historically members of the same family. I am devastated and excruciatingly saddened.

    Meanwhile, there is another even more dangerous bloody conflict brewing in Europe with Putin poised to march into a sovereign nation with all his military might. If he succeeds another even more dangerous and bloody conflict could erupt in Asia with Xi’s China being emboldened by Putin’s triumph may try to gobble up that gem of democracy of the region, Taiwan. That can bring Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and USA in direct conflict with that neighborhood bully. With bullies tossing around their weight on their neighbors the world is slowly but surely facing a war of all wars that it won’t have the time to regret.
    Here is the link for the new Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace, and Democracy Act:

  6. People of Ethiopia must gather together and draft a new and fair to everyone Constitution.

    The current unfair, unjust totally excluding Amhara representation drafted by only TPLF and OLF scrambling and stealing Amhara’s land is not acceptable. That unjust land stealing bad policy has cost millions of Amharas lives.
    It has also been the main cause for dictatorship, corruption and tyrannical abuses.


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