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USAID Launches Resilience Programs Worth 11 Billion Birr and Visits Humanitarian Organizations in Bahir Dar and Semera

USAID _ Ethiopia
USAID Ethiopia Mission Director Sean Jones visits a newly built maternity block in an Amhara regional health center, which has been furnished with USAID-funded medical equipment. (Photo : courtesy of US Embassy in Addis Ababa)

Addis Ababa, February 8, 2022—USAID Ethiopia Mission Director Sean Jones concluded highly impactful visits to Bahir Dar in Amhara Region and Semera in Afar Region.

In Semera on February 3, a delegation led by Mr. Jones met with Awol Arba, president of the Afar Regional State, to discuss the needs of conflict-affected communities and internally displaced peoples (IDP) in Afar.  The director visited an IDP camp in Semera and met with IDP representatives to discuss their needs and concerns.  He then hosted lunch for local community leaders, including elders from the heavily war-damaged areas of Chifra as well as elders from Semera working with the government on IDP issues.

In Bahir Dar on February 4, a delegation led by Mr. Jones met with the president of the Amhara Regional State, Dr. Yilikal Kefale.  Dr. Yilikal and the USAID director discussed the needs of those in the regional state, particularly residents of conflict-affected communities and IDPs.  In addition to the ongoing development programs in health, education, and other areas, Mr. Jones highlighted USAID’s early efforts to support over 2.9 million people in the Amhara Region with emergency food supplies during the last few months and the commitment to supporting the region’s recovery in the coming years.  The discussion underscored the United States’ continued efforts to help communities in the Amhara Region recover from the impacts of conflict, climate change, and other challenges during the past year. 

While in Bahir Dar, Mr. Jones announced two new investments in the government of Ethiopia’s national Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP).  USAID’s contribution of more than 11 billion birr will support over 500,000 people across the Amhara Region and will fund activities, including rehabilitating degraded lands with soil and water conservation practices and training young men and women with workforce readiness skills.

The mission director also met with a variety of humanitarian organizations in Bahir Dar, including the Organization for Relief and Development in Amhara (ORDA) and a consortium of UN agencies.  USAID handed over medical equipment to the Amhara Regional Health Bureau, including ten tuberculosis testing machines and equipment for four newly built maternity blocks in regional health centers.

USAID is the humanitarian and development agency of the U.S. government.  All assistance in Ethiopia is provided by the American people as a commitment to our shared values and an investment in the prosperity of Ethiopia’s future generations.


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  1. This is again USA at its best! Ask those guys in Moscow and Beijing to top that. Fat chance! I just read a news article on another website where the G-I-C in Beijing has inked a major weapons sale with the old country worth in hundreds of millions in US dollars. It is mostly for knock-off fighter jets. Mind you the sale happens when the old country is middle a deadly natural disaster where millions are in the cusp of starving to death. Commies don’t care if you are starving to death. They will sell you bullets instead of life saving wheat and rice. No sir! That is not in their dictionary of humanity. They would rather teach you how to pull a stunt called ‘education or re-education’ camp. From the other despot you can learn how to bully your neighbors. If you don’t like it they will smack you lifeless with a brute Mengistu incarnate. They will call that a revolution and not a coup d’état. Nuff said!!!

  2. I wonder at what or whose expense is this a CIA branch organization being allowed in the country and especially in sensitive sections of the country, the Amhara region. To plant forthcoming problems and civilidsobidiances, as well as allow this criminal sabotaging spying agency in sacred islands of Tana, so therefore they can roam around freely and steal some of the most valuable ancient, precious religious artifacts. What is wrong with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed? Why is he allowing the CIA to enter Ethiopia under the disguised name of USAID in the country, is he a sale out too??


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