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Senegal’s president Macky Sall takes over as AU Chairperson 

Senegal _ Macky Sall _ African Union _ Ethiopia
Outgoing President Felix Tshisekedi hands over African Union flag to incoming AU Chairperson, President Macky Sall Senegal (Photo credit : AU )


President Macky Sall of Senegal on Saturday became Chairperson of the African Union. The event took place during the 35th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa. 

It was President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo who was serving in that role over the past year. 

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Macky Sall said,  “I thank you and assure you of our commitment to work together with all member countries in the exercise of our mandate” indicated the incoming Chair of the Union,” as quoted in the African Union report. 

During his tenure, President Felix Tshisekedi  worked on the tripartite negotiation between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a project that started early generation of power earlier this week. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Aiy Ahmed, congratulated him for the roles he played and expressed best wishes for Mr. Macky Sall.  

He said, “I congratulate the outgoing AU Chair President Felix Tshisekedi for his commitment over the past year and wish all the best to the incoming AU Chair, President @Macky_Sall as he assumes his duties.” 

The incoming Chairperson, Macky Sall, identified peace and security, and unconstitutional change of governments as the principal challenges in the continent. 

” “I do not forget the resurgence of the phenomenon of coups d’état which constitutes a major attack on democracy and institutional stability on the continent,” he said. 

United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, attended the event. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of peace in Africa. He said, “We need to ignite the engine of peace in #Africa.” 

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  1. Ok bigots! This in your uncomely face! The AU is being held in Addis/Finfine, not in Manila! What? What did you say? The AU summit should condemn Ethiopia? Are you out of your mind? We know you have been out of your mind for a long time but do you have any properly functioning faculty?

  2. This organization, The AU, has had its own ups and downs since it was inaugurated in 1963. I remember how it uplifted my moral then thinking that I am somebody in the face of those who looked down to people like me and the rest of my African brothers and sisters. It had become a launching pad and safe haven for those who were struggling to throw away the yoke of colonialism and apartheid. It gave those who were thinking to stay around are colonial rulers a serious 2nd thought. It is has its own bad part when it became a den of dictators for several decades. But slowly things started to look up when more and more countries chose the democratic ways of governance. But still it is seen a bastion of smooth operator smart alecks and leaders with well honed sticky fingers. Some of them seem to even think they are creators of their own people. Some even thought they had the power to heal patient from deadly diseases like HIV!!! So the making of AU has been a work-in-progress for 5 decades now. It is maturing and there is no other alternative. None at this point!!! This decision by the leaders of its members to hold their summit in Addis/Finfine shows AU’s maturity. Buhari is in the audience y’all! Kagame, Kenyatta, Senegal, Mali etc., etc., are in the house y’all!!! This is when the EU’s in all are busy hauling their citizens away from ‘besieged’ Addis/Finfine. My African brothers and sisters will never turn their faces away from their jewel, that gem of the colored. Never!!! Ok republic day dreaming bigots! Go and jump in the lake and never come up!!!!

  3. Subject: “Senegal’s president Macky Sall takes over as AU Chairperson, February 5, 2022

    Humble Reaction
    For Heaven’s sake, WHAT FOR ???
    I am very serious.
    In over sixty years what did the African Union achieve???? for the benefit of BLACK AFRICANS?
    Please let us be serious in at least one occasion.


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