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African heads of State arriving in Addis Ababa for AU Summit 

Conflict and unconstitutional government changes among issues that AU Summit is discussing in Addis Ababa 

African Union Summit _ Ethiopia
Dr Berhanu Nega greeting President Alassane Ouattara of Cote D’Ivoire up on arrival at Addis Ababa (Photo : MFAE)


Heads of states of African countries are arriving in Addis Ababa for the African Union Summit.  Maky Sall of Senegal, Alassane Ouattara of Cote D’Ivoire  and Muhammadu Buhari  of Nigeria are among the leaders who arrived in Addis on Thursday, based on information from the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Ethiopia. 

Berhanu Nega, Minister for Education, who is also leader of the opposition party – Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA), greeted president Alassane Ouattara and president Muhammadu Buhari  upon arrival at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. 

Ethiopia has been making extensive preparations for the African Union, both in terms of security arrangement and  ensuring better guest services, for the event. 

For the government, the decision to undertake the AU meeting in Addis Ababa is a great success (it was even making headlines in state media outlets in the country) in terms of disproving “security concerns” statements from the United States and its allies in connection with the war against designated Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists. 

The ordinary session of the Executive Council of the African Union has been underway since Wednesday this week. Conflicts in the continent and what it called unconstitutional changes of government (coup d’état) are among the topics discussed in the session. 

Ethiopia has played a crucial role for the establishment of the Organization of African Union (OAU), in the 1960s when many of the African countries were fighting against colonialism, which is now rebranded as African Union. 

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  2. The title should be “Head of dead Fish received by Opportunist with hate and hidden agenda Professor” that every loves to hate..
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  3. Subject: “African heads of States arriving in Addis Ababa for AU Summit”

    For heaven’s sake, WHAT FOR? Why do we keep on making ourselves idiots.
    Since 1961 what did the African Union accomplish for the benefit of AFRICA?
    I will answer >>>> NOTHING. — absolutely nothing.. And that is why the world opinion about us [Black Africans] is so dreadfully negative. Do we really have a strong base to challenge their attitude.

    Final Word: African Union should be formally and physically CLOSED FOR EVER — since it has already been closed as far as being useful to Africa. Let us be honest. The physical existence of some 50 years is more than enough to keep on being the source of laughter of the world . Honestly, WE AFRICANS have THICK skin. THE END


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