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Ethiopian Delegation visits Saudi Arabia 

High-level Ethiopian delegation visits Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Forign Affairs disclosed 


An Ethiopian delegation led by the Minister of Finance H.E. Ahmed Shide has paid a visit to Saudi Arabia.

The delegation has met with high-level officials of the kingdom, such as the minister of interior, H.E. Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif and others, to discuss bilateral issues and the situation of Ethiopian citizens in the Kingdom.

Various discussions were held to improve the treatment of imprisoned Ethiopians, facilitate situations to repatriate some of them and on the possibility of granting amnesty to sentenced Ethiopian prisoners.

The discussions have been said to yield results that could give long-lasting solutions to the challenges that Ethiopian citizens are facing in Saudi Arabia.

During its four-day stay in Saudi Arabia, the delegation has met with Ethiopian community and religious leaders, including Ethiopian business people in the Kingdom.

The delegation includes State Minister H.E. Ambassador Redwan Hussein, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia H.E. Lencho Bati, President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Mufti Hajji Omar Idris, and other religious leaders and representatives of government institutions.
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  1. It’s all part of selling Amhara and Afar.
    Amhara’s Christians and Muslims everywhere must strengthening their unity because Abiy, Lemma, Jawar sympathizes and PP are all gone to Arab countriesand SA where Lencho is the Ambassador working hard how to put down All Amhara movements. The enormously gaint Amhara number and awareness how bad the government has been and still is treating Amhara has worried Abiy, OPDO, ADPA Demeke and PP seat warmer toys.
    Amharas stay united and tuned to what Abiy plotting with enemy countries and Terrorist TPLF. Abiy has stopped calling TPLF a terrorist or junta. Now he’s running around and abusing the position and responsibility he is given.

    ***!!! Amhara be on alert Abiy is out of the country !! Or whenever he is far from Arat Kilo because murder, assassination or some evil crimes are planned.

    Nothing or no secrets against Amharas will stop Amharas movement or from getting freedom, respect and equal rights to live, work and movement.
    No More stealing Amharas land.
    No More helping OLF and Queero to murder unarmed Amharas.
    No More slaughtering Amharas by Abiy groups.

  2. End to Oromo tribal controlled governments.
    The federal government power and seats must reflect the percentage of the population.

    Only Oromo ethnic out of over 80 ethnic groups controlled government must come to an end. It is out dated, ineffective, inefficient, unfair, abusive, disrespectful and primitive.


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