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TPLF leader Debretsion claims “progress” in indirect talks with gov’t 

Debretsion warns that TPLF is ready to “defend itself” if negotiation does not bring any solution 

Debretsion Gebremichael , Chairman of TPLF (Photo : BBC)


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, on Saturday had an interview with the BBC. 

He made claims that there had been an  indirect talk with the government, and that it is making “progress.” A clip of the interview does not seem to be available. 

However, Will Rose, BBC Africa editor, shared what seems to be key contents of the interview.  He wrote on Twitter, : 

” TPLF chairman, Debretsion Gebremichael, tells BBC they’ve started talking with the Addis government – ‘shuttle communications and discussions’ has led to ‘signs of improvement’ but waiting for this shuttle diplomacy to bear fruit”

In what seems to be an expression of doubt whether his organisation will obtain the desired outcome from the indirect talk he is claiming, Debretsion, however,  “said if necessary they are ready to fight on to defend the rights of the people of Tigray.  He described life in Tigray as “hell” as a result of the blockade, with people dying due to lack of food or medicine.” 

The TPLF has a claim over Wolkait, which used to be part of Gondar, which the TPLF incorporated as part of Tigray following the fall of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam government in 1991. It also makes claims about Raya, an area in the South of Tigray that used to be part of North Wollo administrative zone, which was similarly incorporated to Tigray after 1991. 

The TPLF leader also made an indirect claim about the presence of Eritrean troops in the Tigray region and that his organisation has made their withdrawal as one of the things to be obtained from the alleged “indirect talk.” 

The question, “who is leading the ‘indirect talk’? ” is something that is unclear at this point. A rumour has been circulating on social media that The US government is leading.   

The Ethiopian government has been denying, to date, that there is no negotiation, whatsoever, with the TPLF. 

Meanwhile, the TPLF launched a fresh military attack in the Afar regions of Ethiopia earlier this week, displacing over 220,000 residents from the towns it has been shelling with artillery. 

The National Security Council, a body that is chaired by the PM and with membership for the Defense Force -among others, had a meeting on Friday this week. What it called “TPLF provocation” was one of the issues that was discussed. Temesgen Tiruneh, Director of NISS, said that the Defense Force was given direction to reverse the TPLF attack but no further detail was given. 

TPLF’s new passion for negotiation

When the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire in June 2021, the idea of ceasefire was a laughing matter to the TPLF. 

Spokesperson of the organisation, Getachew Reda, called it “a sick joke.” 

Then the TPLF started to launch an extensive military campaign with the aim to cut off Ethiopia’s import and export supply line through the Afar region on the one hand and march to the capital Addis Ababa on the other. 

The rebel group had been enjoying a tacit support from the United States and its allies and there was an anticipation (through a combination of military, political and media campaign) that the TPLF would be able to control Addis Ababa – one of the factors why the TPLF rejected negotiation with the government. It did not happen. 

What rather happened is that TPLF lost battles after battles in the parts of Afar and Amhara regions which it militarily controlled in a span of four to five months after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

In as little as two weeks, TPLF lost all the areas that it controlled and had to retreat fast to the Tigray region, where it had been reorganising its forces before its latest attack in the Afar region. 

At the same time, it was pushing for negotiation after the devastating battle. Many Ethiopians, from social media engagements in different platforms, are demanding only TPLF to be disarmed and brought to justice for several massacres that it carried out in Afar and Amhara regions, not to mention other crimes. 

The United States has demonstrated consistent interest, and it could be understood from the statements the State Department has been issuing, in making TPLF a relevant political actor in Ethiopia. 

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  1. I welcome this news of a dialogue to end the senseless bloody and destructive conflict. Amicable solution to land disputes, recognition of the legitimacy of the current federal government by Debre’s group and unfettered flow of food and healthcare supplies to Tigray and the affected Afar and Amhara regions could be a starter. I am not sure how but Debre ad hid group should apologize for laying siege on the ENDF and the Federal government on its part should officially admit that atrocities were committed by its few soldiers. Debre and his group should also allow various institutions of the federal government to operate in his region. I am just putting out what came to my mind as a diehard peace monger. In my Allah Blessed high mileage life I had seen peace accords reached and signed between warring groups that seemed absolutely impossible. There were reached for the good of the suffering people. In our case the citizens in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions have suffered enough. Mothers have lost tens of thousands of their sons and daughters in this senseless conflict. It is about time to shed this much ado about nothing macho mentality and bite the bullet, so to say. I wish both the best of luck in this blessed effort.

  2. Debretsion is a treasonous, insurrectionist criminal, and a psychopath responsible for the murder, mayhem and displacement of millions. If what this sociopath claims is true, and if Abiy and his entourage actually are negotiating with this criminal group, after promising Ethiopians that he will not negotiate with a terrorist group, then this categorical, monumental and shameful betrayal of the Ethiopian people, the dereliction of duty and abdication of the responsibility to protect the safety, security and fundamental basic right to life by Ethiopians by Abiy and his PP must itself be considered as nothing but treason against Ethiopia. Abiy cannot play prime minister and pastor at the same time. Ethiopians do not want his sermon, his incessant, laborious, excruciatingly long, boring and illogical talks, non sequitur trains of half thought and baked silly arguments and parables. His four years in power have brought misery, displacement, murder and wars. He has brought no tangible reform or changes. His ambassadors were massive failures in the international arena, and it was the dedicated diaspora that worked day in day out to represent the interests and protect the national and sovereignty of Ethiopia. By negotiating a group that his own parliament labeled as a terrorist group, by setting free, trampling the rule of law, masterminds and financiers of the war against Ethiopia, Abiy and his PP, are unmasking their true identity and showing their true nature as TPLF 2. The Abiy camp now cannot be seen any different from the junta and is now essentially Junta 2.

  3. The schizophrenic and multiple personalities of Pastor Abiy, Prime Minister Abiy, Project manager Abiy, Law enforcer Abiy, Judge Abiy, Executioner Abiy, Legislator Abiy, Pardon Giver Abiy, Educator Abiy, Student Abiy, Teacher Abiy, Lecturer Abiy, Tree planter/Gardner Abiy, Dam builder Abiy, Electricity Generator Abiy, Palace decorator Abiy, Soldier Abiy, Commander in Chief Abiy, Will not negotiate with terrorist TPLF saying Abiy, Will set terrorist TPLF free saying Abiy, Ethiopia first Abiy, then Oromo first Abiy………..these are too many personalities for Ethiopians to cope up with on a daily basis. These listed ones alone require some 24 or so different hats, that many pairs of shoes, a soldier’s uniform, a pastor’s robe, a foreman’s hard hat, a guard’s stick, a pastor’s Bible.

  4. Of course Abiy and PP are taking with the Terrorist TPLF and all the indicators prove that. The Army fighters are ordered to stop at Amhara and Afar borders and wait for further attacks. Allowing more Amhara and Afar people to be killed.
    Including taking about patriotic Fano instead of the Terrorist TPLF and OLF Shene who are massacring, robbing and washing Wollega by Amhara blood.
    The focus should be recalibrate back on TPLF and OLF Shene wearing wigs who are dangerous armed groups that are murdering innocent Amharas.
    Sadly Temesgen Tiruneh or Amhara PP never been heard of addressing Amhara’s sufferings.
    Shimeles Abdissa is never heard of sneaking about OLF Shene evildoers as a threat to the government.
    All this leads people to disobey, mistrust and protest against the government to either respect their demands or to step down.

  5. Ittu Aba Farda, are you a PP cadre? Listen to yourself talking. “I am not sure how but Debre ad hid group should apologize for laying siege on the ENDF and the Federal government on its part should officially admit that atrocities were committed by its few soldiers. Debre and his group should also allow various institutions of the federal government to operate in his region.” Have some self respect and decency for the irreplaceable human lives lost in Afar and Amhara. The TPLF, led by Debretsion and his mad dogs have unleashed untold misery on the people of Tigray, the region they claim to have the birth right and undisputed right to be its sole leaders , untold misery, displacement of millions of innocent victims in Afar and Amhara. These atrocities are on top of the massacre committed on Amharas and Orthodox Christians by the militant wing of the Oromo Prosperity Party of which Abiy is the leader. It’s understandable that for your unquenchable power grap,, stupid cadre policy of weakening the unified Ethiopian anchors and pillars of Afar and Amhara region to realize your Oromumma pipe dream, whatever it is, your PP together with your former leaders and TPLF masters orchestrated these wars, displacements and massacres. The rest of law abiding Ethiopians who have been denied the right to freedom, the right to live peacefully, the right to life, liberty and happiness now must call for the resignation of Abiy who has not been an effective leader. His massive failures to protect the lives and security of Ethiopians cannot now any longer be covered up or hidden. His duplicitous, Oromumma project is laid bare for everyone to see. His fake, unprincipled, distorted moral compass, repulsive and abject lack of basic ethical and moral standards can no longer be supported by any conscientious, logical person. ittu Aba Farda, who do you think you people are fooling here? What is the legal mechanism a psychopath and sociopath like debretsion and his entourage, ,who declared and waged what they called “ a people to people war” on Ethiopians be forgiven and not to be held accountable. If your PP, and Orummua project dreamers and supporters are not guilty of treason, crimes against humanity, massacre and displacement of millions were not guilty of the same crimes as TPLF masters, would you even bring up forgiveness? When will you release Abdi Illay? After all, what was his crime? Standing up against Oromo aggression directed toward the marginalized Somali? Abiy and your PP have one and only one choice- DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH. TREASON IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY DEATH IN MOST COUNTRIES. THE INSURRECTIONIST DEBRETSION, HIS TREASONOUS TOP LEADERS MUST SUURENDER TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, THEY MUST BE CHARGED, SENTENCED AND SERVE TIME OR ANY OTHER PENALTY INCLUDING CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IF AN OPTION, ACCORDING TO THE PENAL CODE OF ETHIOPIA. Your fake sermon of peace, and reconciliation blah, blah does not amount to one can of beans here. Democratic governance is not possible without the rule of law. Your PP, the duplicitous and loquacious Abiy, your beloved Oromumma pipe dreamers including your sycophantic servants like Temesgen, Teshager etc and can continue to run your banana republic. The rest of the country and the marginalized hundreds of millions will move on to the next phase. Your 15 minutes fame too will come to a halt and you will be replaced in due time like the Derg, and TPLF were. You are now almost officially TPLF 2 and Junta 1.1

    • I can see your argument. You have the means to send your kids to schools of your choice, your kids have all the security and comfort to play with latest gadgets but meanwhile those kids in Tigray, Afar and Amhara(including those in certain areas of Oromia) have been denied such amenities of progress ad are ordered to carry guns and guns only. When your kids are hurrying up to catch buses to their schools but in those three regions are hauled up onto military trucks and marched to their inevitable and untimely deaths. You and those like you get high in beating the drums of war from your comfy homes and at safe distance from the country that has turned itself into a raging inferno. By calling me names I know what you and group are trying to accomplish. You want me to feel undeservedly ashamed, scared and go away. But you don’t know Ittu! Just in case you did not notice. I did not call you any names in return. Cuz that is not in my Itu value and by extension it is not in the legendary Ethiopian value. But I can tell you this with an absolute certainty. You and your group will never and ever be able to carve out a territory to call it your own personal fiefdom. That will remain a pie in a million miles high sky. You preach unabated bloodshed and destruction because that will be the best formula for troubled waters so you can fish your dreamed up separate ‘republic’. You know for sure peace and stability are your dream killers. For that reason you will never stop disparaging and name calling peace mongers. Meanwhile, I highly suggest to you to read my comments with undivided attention and no khamr nearby.

      • Ittu, please further qualify your statement. TPLF said Amhara withdrawal from Welkait-Tegede must happen before peace negotiations.

        Amhara will never do that willingly. Yet, it seems that PP is Amhara + Fano to force them to do just that.

        Reminder that Welkait-Tegede is a key, salient issue that drove this war as it was forcibly annexed by TPLF.

        After almost 4 years of constant betrayal by the ruling body, the baffling decisions made by the ENDF to abandon Amhara to terrorist groups they openly want to eliminate them, and now this, why should 30M+ Amharas trust Abiy today?

        Why should they accept talks with the TPLF?

        Why is the judicial system kicked completely to the side in favor of pardons that no one asked for?

        If the stated goal was “law enforcement”, why is that objective not being seen thru to the end?

  6. Ittu Aba Farda, nobody is calling you a different name than what you force others to call you through your own action, statements and arrogant posturing. Nobody advocated for war and destruction except two groups: TPLF and the so called OLF-Shene. You are crying for the children in the ethnic enclosures called Afar, Amhara, Tigray and Oromia, right? Great then work and reform your PP members to bring the criminals to justice. You sugar coat the atrocities by the mad man Debretsion. Why??? After all, he was on tv, advocating for a people to people war. He was one of the sociopaths and psychopaths that armed children to fight his “people to people” war. Hold him accountable, show us that tomorrow he will not spew the same filth and venom he has been spitting for his entire miserable life. Nobody will believe Abiy or your PP preaching anymore. Hold the violent and criminal militant OLF-Shene which by all evidence is nothing but the militant wing of your beloved PP. The audacity of you people, both your TPLF masters and the current PP Junta 2, you are the ones who are blinded. You do not want accountability before the law, your own beloved Abiy, once said, no one is clean and everyone’s hand is soaked in blood. I want you to pay attention to the innocent blood she’d by OLF and TPLF in the past 30 years. Justice and liberty go hand in hand. Nobody, no one has given Abiy or PP, the authority to be the police, judge, ecpxecutioner and pardon giver all at the same time. Learn the separation of powers principle first. Let the judiciary branch do its work unfettered. Some of your beloved PP members will go to jail, that is okay. TPLF leaders like Debretsion, Tsdakan, Getachew etc will have to go to jail, perhaps for life. That is ok. Show no one is above the law., then peace will reign. Make sure crime does not pay, then peace will ensue. Make sure voiceless victims can be heard and there are laws to protect their fundamental rights to live as citizens of their nation, then there will be an atmosphere of equality and equity. How do you people go to bed and sleep, patting each other’s back and saying, “you are forgiven” , cutting your ceremonial cake after cake, knowing full well that your folly, your hubris, your hatred for others, your ethno fanatic zeal have caused mass displacements of millions, the murder, rape and torture of thousands. On what moral standing, on what ethical podium, do you have the nerve to preach as a pastor, priest or imam? Get off your high horses, look in the mirror and ask “who am I” first!!!!!!

  7. “If the stated goal was “law enforcement”, why is that objective not being seen thru to the end?” Because it will implicate several of the PP members and also destroy the pipe dream of Oromumma. Beyond that, the massive failures in administration of the PP, carried over from the TPLF era cannot be discussed under these conditions. Take the city of AA, the utility sector, water, electricity and transportation are all in tatters. Inflation is in the upper 40%, and the Abiy regime has not been able to deliver on any of its promises. Rule of law is non existent, the judiciary is under siege, his diplomats internationally have been a massive failure as well. In short, the past four years were years of hope in the spirits and hearts of Ethiopians, but in reality one can say the regime is destined for failure because it is fast losing the confidence and trust of the majority of the Ethiopian people because of its duplicity, hidden agenda and betrayal of the responsibility and duties given to it by the people,

  8. PP does not seem to mind loss of lives as long as it is of neftegnas. So, the killing by shene shintam, federal OR troops and tplf goons continue. The pauperization of the Amhara farmer continues, until only pleading mothers remain. Why all this apathy? Just to score historical revenge based on oldsters stories, unevidenced hearsay and rabid rhetorics by egomaniacal ethnofascists. I weep for the life of the poor Amhara farmer who has been the victim of all this drama the whole time – since time immemorial. And the mistakes continue…..

  9. As an Eritrean, I can understand my governments stance on the unity of Ethiopia, but for the life of me, i can’t really see an end to this whole “our land not your land” debacle inside a country. I can understand the grievances of the Amhara ppl, b/c we share the same betrayal by the same group. But our side can just reclaim our land and close it off to any weyane, but you have to live tigether in the same country with that region. How it will be solved is baffling to me. Any ideas?

    • Humble Commentary, 2 Feb 2022
      QUOTE: “How it will be solved is baffling to me. “UNQUOTE. Indeed “Senay”

      Do I know the answer? NO, NO, NO.
      Do I have any thing to say on the subject? Yes.
      I honestly and sincerely believe that the problem in OUR AFRICA lies within the LEADERS of our Continent.
      WE know Colonialism of WHITE RACE upon AFRICA is an open crime, wittnessed by the entire World that prefers to give blind eyes and deaf ears when it comes to BLACK PEOPLE. It is the cruelest and inhuman crime being perpetrated by White RACE that no body can deny. But let us concentrate upon OURSELVES — BLACK AFRICANS. YES, we can be cruel upon ourselves!!!! Please move down to the next paragraph.

      Now, let us not deny. Our inherent problems are our own brethren who manipulate their own African brethrens for their own benefit — always insideoulsy encouraging corruption in their own countries, for their own benefits and glory. WE CANNOT DENY. In this ugly atmsphere, our NATURAL RICH AFRICA becomes what it is for WHITE RACE and others in their exploitation of the BLACK CONTINENT. Within that environment, the HUMBLE, HONEST, FRIENDLY, LOYAL BLACK AFRICANS BECOME A MIRROR of POVERTY, BACKWARDNESS and VICTIMS TO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. IT IS THE ULTIMATE HATRED and CRIME PERPETRATED AROUND THE GLOBE. DO AFRICAN LEADERS CARE ABOUT IT? BLACK AFRICANS HAVE STOPPED TO ANSWER THE QUESTION — A LONG TIME AGO.

      By the way, how about those in the stratosphere with ultimate, so-called “modern, refined, European education” to save AFRICA? Ha, ha , ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ………………….. THE END, out of breath .

  10. Subject: TPLF leader Debretsion claims “progress” in indirect talks with gov’t” January 30, 2022 ; [exclude the boxing, please ha ha ha ]
    QUOTE: “TPLF leader Debretsion claims “progress” in indirect talks with gov’t “ .
    “Debretsion warns that TPLF is ready to “defend itself” if negotiation does not bring any solution “UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 31 Jan 2022
    1st: It is serious warning [take it or leave it] addressed to the ancient country called Ethiopia.

    2nd: Let us start from the beginning of history

    3rd. The Honourable Mr Debretsion Gebremichael, Chairman of TPLF, demands to have Premiership of the entire ETHIOPIA, taking over the Post
    of the previous Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for two terms

    4th. The Honourable Mr.Debretsion Gebremichael was — shockingly shocking of all shocks in Life — when he saw an unexpected little
    gentleman standing on the door way to power as an angel to the top most power in the Ancient Independent Country around the Globe

    5th. It must have been the shocking of all shocking on Planet Earth for the Honourable Expectant for the top most post in the Ancient
    Independent Black African Country around the GLOBE, parallel to a rare few of the same stature. The shocking of any person aiming for the
    top most post around the Globe is truly understandable. Some lose their life; some recover after so long of agony, and some take it as a
    lesson in Life and survive.

    6th. As the French say: “C’est la Vie“ or One would prefer an alternative saying: “THAT IS THE WAY IT GOESE — TAKE IT and KEEP ON

    7th Essential Closing Statement: THANK YOU There is nothing worthy than to have civilized communication for thy


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