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Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia had a meeting with ERSO CEO 

Ethiopian Ambassador to The Russian Federation, Alemayehu Tegenu, meeting with ERSO CEO, Mr. Goran Malbasic ( Photo : MGAE)


The Ethiopian Embassy in the Russian Federation had a very fruitful and productive discussion yesterday with Mr. Goran Malbasic, CEO of Energy solutions, electro technical holding company with global presence (ERSO) on investment opportunities in the Energy sector.

ERSO is one of the most respected company having100 years of service in the energy industry, excel in specialized supplies, servicing and exporting of high, medium and low voltage power Generation distribution and transmission equipments which include distribution transformers, power reactors and renewable energy solution.


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  1. I’ve got the best formula for a final deal so Putin can come in ad build power plants. It should be done this way. Here is the deal. Russia will build power generating plants and will be paid in the world’s best coffee, oil seeds, raw hide and precious metal. The cost and the net profit from these transactions will give Russia wiggling rooms to sell the coveted Ethiopian coffee and hide below the market price. And Ethiopian farmers will have to wait until Russia’s inventory of coffee and hide are sold out before they put their coffee and hide on the global market. It is that easy and simple. Hey PM Abiy, let’s go! Wait a minute! What did you say? You will need to ask Egyptians of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s? What?!!! No, you ain’t got time to do that. Let’s go!!! Look at it this way. Such exchange of goods will relieve you from the foreign currency crunch that has become your bankers’ nightmare. Let’s go!! Put your John Hancock on the dotted line and get it over with. Contrary to public opinion, Putin is the most, umm, docile, generous and gullible leader of our time!!! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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