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EDTF Press release on new school project in Ethiopia

EDTF Launches a $3 million dollar ‘Building Forward’ Project in Ethiopia

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Press Release

Dear EDTF Donors and Supporters:

We hope this message finds you well during this difficult time in Ethiopian history. As a  testimony to our commitment to stand with the people of Ethiopia, we are proud to  announce the launch of a $3 million dollar EDTF ‘Building Forward’ project to build  four secondary schools in the most war-affected regions of Ethiopia. Consistent with our  goal to promote longer term socio-economic development in Ethiopia, this initiative  allows us to make the greatest impact at this time given the number of schools  destroyed because of the war. This project will contribute to meeting the critical need to  provide education in the rural and war-affected areas. 

In partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education (MoE), the four schools will be  built in the Amhara and Afar regions, two in each region, to serve a total of 3,840  students. After months of feasibility studies and careful deliberation in concert with the  MoE, this initiative will enable the Ethiopian Diaspora to have a meaningful and critical impact in responding to the current crisis while also contributing to our mission. 

Key Criteria put in place for School Construction Selection: 

The specific location of the four schools in the two regions will be selected based on  the following criteria: 

  • Children are unable to access secondary education due to the destruction of  schools. 
  • The demand for secondary schools which can provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged children is high. 
  • There is a lack of infrastructure in remote areas making it difficult for many  disadvantaged children, particularly girls, to get access to secondary education.
  • The lack of security makes girls highly vulnerable to human trafficking, especially  when they are traveling alone separated from their families.

Each school will be constructed to meet the standard design requirements established by the Ministry of Education to provide a safe and secure educational environment for  students. The requirements include classrooms with adequate space for students, offices for staff, rooms for a library, laboratory, recreation, store, counseling, first aid,  latrine, and storage. 

Our commitment to you, our donors, and to the Ethiopian people we serve is stronger  than ever and we remain focused on our mission to support people-focused social and  economic development projects in Ethiopia. 

We stand behind the Ethiopian people and will do what we can to support the rebuilding  efforts consistent with EDTF’s mission.  

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your continued support of EDTF.  

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