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EDTF Launches a $3 million dollar ‘Building Forward’ Project in Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) on Friday announced that it has launched a $3 million dollars school construction project in Ethiopia. 

In a Press Release sent to donors and supporters, EDTF said “We are very proud to announce to you that we have decided to build four secondary schools in the parts of Ethiopia affected by the war.” 

From the statement, there had been a collaborative, with the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia, preliminary assessment to respond to the devastation by the TPLF forces in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

We understand that our lasting goal is to support economic and social development efforts in Ethiopia, but the decision to build four schools is informed by the conviction that it will contribute significantly to alleviate the problems created by the war, EDTF said. 

The organisation is collaborating with the Ministry of Education to build two Secondary schools in Afar region and two in Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

It was said that selection of location is based on four criteria. Areas where many students are out of school because of the destruction of school, the need for schools that could cater for needy students, many students (especially female students) travel long distance for school and are impacted by poor infrastructure development and to avert vulnerability of female students (to human trafficking among others)  by avoiding long distance walk to school 

Over 3800 students will benefit from the schools to be build in the two regions, according to the statement.

EDTF is supported by financial contributions from Ethiopians in the Diaspora. 


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  1. Subject: “EDTF Launches a $3 million dollar ‘Building Forward’ Project in Ethiopia”, by borkena.com , January 28, 2022


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    If you are sincerely offended, by what I wrote, please — I beg you — consider to accept my sincere sorrow for offending my country people, thinking that I was contributing something based on my honest and sincere attitude one what I still honestly believe. I am ready to say: I AM VERY SORRY. FROM THE BBTTOM OF MY HEART. — IF I OFFENDED MY BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE WHERE EVER THEY MAY BE. THE END


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