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Two military generals appointed for diplomatic missions overseas 

General Bacha Debelle and General Hassan Ibrahim will no longer remain in the army. Former Minister for Irrigation, Water and Energy, Seleshi Bekele, is also in the list of new ambassadors 

General Bacha Debelle
General Bacha Debelle ( Photo : EBC /file)


The Ethiopian government on Wednesday announced the appointment of 27 Ambassadors. It was President Sahlework Zewde, as per provision in the current constitution, who appointed the Ambassadors. 

Two of the newly appointed ambassadors are military generals who were recently promoted to a full general rank. General Bacha Debelle and General Hassan Ibrahim. In fact. General Bacha was also awarded the highest medal in the country, “Black Lion”, in recognition of service during the operation to reverse the TPLF war on Ethiopia. 

General Hassan Ibrahim

It was only about two weeks ago that they were promoted to full general in a ceremony organised for the inauguration of the new Defense Ministry building complex in the capital Addis Ababa.

It is a customary practice since the time of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dominated Federal government to appoint individuals from within the government structure. And usually, performance issues or political disputes are reasons for ambassadorial appointments of the political or military leaders. 

Former Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, General Adem Mohammed, who was at some point assigned as the head of intelligence, was appointed as Ethiopian Ambassador to Turkey in the aftermath of the TPLF attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force.  

From Chief of Staff to Ambassador did not sound much like an appointment to many Ethiopians at the time. General Adem at one point made remarks about regional special forces, saying that it does not have a constitutional basis. 

The Appointment of General Bacha Debele and General Hassan Ibrahim does not seem to be much different. 

The Ethiopian government did not disclose the countries where the two generals are heading to for new roles as Ambassador. 

General Bacha Debelle was recalled to the army from retirement after the TPLF forces attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020 which triggered the conflict. 


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  1. How come the 2 fresh generals got appointed as ambassadors before even celebrating and enjoying their new military positions. However, I congratulate them and the other ambassadors and wish them success in their new assignments.

  2. It is very much like purging what PM Abiy sees a threat to his weakness and power despite what the country needs most at this time. He is going too fast into another one ethno- dictatorship power grab lane that people despise and will not accept NO MORE.

    Sending away important people at the time of war, continuous horrific crimes committed by OLF, OLA and TPLF against Amhara and Afar citizens, displacement, destruction of infrastructure and properties and many problems the PM is engaged in exhibiting his selfish and dangerous political agenda.
    He want to be the only powerful person in the center of everything. He wants to be the only person seen in new cloths, to be listened to and obeyed despite people’s problem to live in peace and many more concerns. He knows people have grown suspicious of him because of all his empty talks and bad moves. There is no question now that he has become a “telalaki mengist” .
    PM. Abiy and the OPDO Prosperity Party are descending into full fledge Oromo controlled dictatorship, copycat of Tigre TPLF. He never learnt that he and the Prosperity Party in Addis were not elected because of their past performances but because of the inclusion of Engineer Seleshi Bekele and his exptional performance at the stage of the world view. PM Abiy and PP have failed to fulfil their very basic requirements of the election and should be removed and replaced by another election that should be held as soon as possible.

    General Bacha Debele, now after one week Ato Bacha Debele has shown better performance and communication skill than the Marshal Field Berhanu Jula who disappeared from the media forever. Even now when Afar and Amhara troops, militia and Fano are fishing the war he has not gone to the war field to marshal his troops.
    So Abiy want to be the focal point by surrounding himself with Mute and Yes people and Clapping hands. This a very much sign of a weak and low self esteem leader.
    The other question people must watch for is who is he going to bring to fill the empty vacancies he created?
    Every one is angry and will not obey or respect his rule.

  3. Where are our women who are inherently born with the arts of effective diplomacy we men can never learn at schools? A friend sent me the list and there were only two women. Also when the PM promoted military officers to one, two, three, four and 5 stars general including one to the first field marshal position I was told there was only one female soldier among them. Hey PM Abiy! Had you looked around enough when you made the selection? Apparently not!!! I don’t care if she is a private anywhere in the armed forces, I want to see equal number of female career soldiers promoted to all these high rank positions pronto!


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