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Ethiopia appointed 27 new Ambassadors ; two of them are from defence force 

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President Sahlework Zewde


Ethiopian government on Wednesday announced the appointment of 27 new ambassadors. The office of President Sahlework Zewde has announced the lists of the new appointments for diplomatic missions. However, the countries to which they are appointed are undisclosed at this stage. 

Article 71 of the current constitution grants the president power to make appointments to diplomatic positions. 

It does not mean, however,  that leaders with more political powers, like the prime minister, have nothing to do with the appointment. Rather, the prime minister and his political support base make the decision as to who to propose for the position. 

The position of diplomatic mission is trivialised, and is divorced from merit,  since the TPLF took power in 1991 and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is carrying on with that tradition. 

There are cases, multiple, when officials with  “poor performance” evaluation at the ruling party level are appointed to ambassadorial positions. The matter has always been a point of criticism against the government. 

The latest appointments include two serving military generals who were recently promoted to full general military rank. The decision has left Ethiopians speculating as to what transpired after they were promoted about two weeks ago. 

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  1. What is wrong with PM Abiy? Is that his choice or someone that doesn’t like him? Or is the PM turning into a down right dictator who is surrounding himself with YES SIR puppets? Latey signal of dictatorship has been emitting from all sides of the PM and the Mayor of AA. He isn’t listening to the heart beats and concerns of his pople but rather shows dismissive, arrogant and disrespectful behavior. Everything wrong is going on with Prosperity Party. They are removing important people out of the country.
    Engineer and Generas that could have produced so much in the country are removed from their important positions as Ambassadors.
    This is very dumb and down right stupid move especially sending Engineer Selshi Bekele and the Generals out of the country.
    At the same time like the previous award winners this time most of them are not Oromos.

    Therefore this move seems rather a sinister plot by OPDO to take power to itself blinded by tribal ignorance that will force people to revolt.

  2. PM Abiy Dr. Abiy FREE Tamerat Negera!!!!
    He is the right person that will help you if you are willing to let him…..
    Stop Shimeles Abdissa from abusing Tamerat and Ethiopians!!!
    The reason for releasing TPLF ethnocentrc bigot and Terrorist Sebhat Nega is securing 10.2 billion Birr for Oromia zone that didn’t suffer from Tplf war like Amhara and Afar zones. How absurd ?????? cruel and a misplaced attention with string attached purpose?

    PM Abiy suddenly must have started listening to wrong people like Jawar and OLA supporters that will not stop at nothing from removing and putting him in prison if they get the chance.

  3. Soon Abiy will top Woyane/Tplf terrorists in the Confuse, Convince and Deceiver contest. He is busy taking back and forth every one by confusion.
    From war, pause and wait for Tplf to train more people and arm, war again , stop again ,then refuse to fight in Tigray but want to fight in Afar and Amhara land, massacre, Amhara slaughterers in Wollga and Benishangul Gumez, imprisonment of innocent people, release Sebhat and co.,back to war and more Afar and Amhara massacre and devastation. Again pause to give chance to Tplf to organize, then war, massacre of Orthodox Christians during Epiphany celebration by Oromo police lead by Field Marshall Berhanu Jula who is absent in the war zones of Afar and Amhara land, then sneak out OLF Shene terrorists from prison and now sending Engineer Selshi and many non-Orome people out of the country. The sage will continue…


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