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Correction : Popular singer Ali Birra in good condition

Ali Birra _ Ethiopia
Ali Birra, one of Ethiopia’s legendary singer


A short news article regarding the death of Ali Birra, renowned Ethiopian Musician, was published on Saturday January 22,2022, and was live for about two or so hours.

The report was based on social media report. As it turned out, Ali Birra is in good condition in the hospital in Adama.

borkena would like to sincerely apologize about the incorrect information that was published.


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  1. I think the news might have been a mix up with another singer contemporary to Obbo Ali Birra. There was another loss to the artists’ community 5 days ago. He was the extremely talented artist Obbo Nuhoo Gobanaa, a Dire native and a pioneer going back to the 1960’s. To me he was one the best guitar players that country ever produced. He could make it talk. His mastery of the electric guitar was at par with other Africa’s greats like Ali Farka Toure and Habib Koite. I still have one of his albums a friend got it to me way back in the days. His was one of the Dire boys from the 1960’s and 70’s who brought my Oromo music several notches up with electric guitar licks and renditions. His songs were always about unity and pride. May he rest in eternal peace!!!


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