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Sudanese Military leader in Ethiopia for two days working visit


Sudanese leader _ Mohamed Hamdan Daglo aka Hemetti
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Mohamed Hamdan Daglo aka Hemetti, Sudan’s Deputy Head of the Sovereign Council, positing for picture on January 22, 2022 ( Photo source : MFA)


Sudan’s Deputy Head of the Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo aka Hemetti, has on Saturday arrived at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa for a two days working visit. 

According to Sudanese government news sources, he “will discuss bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries and ways to strengthen and develop it in all fields in the interests of the two countries,” as quoted in the Sudan Tribune report which was published on Saturday. 

He already met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.  

“I am pleased to welcome today Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council of the sisterly Republic of Sudan. I would like to express, once again, my appreciation for the deep historical bonds that bind our two people,” he said. 

There has been a tense relation between the two countries after the Sudanese government invaded Ethiopian territories in November 2021 following Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attack on the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force. 

Sudan has also been disputing Ethiopia’s move to fill  the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam the negotiation process of which has been suspended for well over a year now. 

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  1. That is good news and the right thing to do for Sudan. It has more to benefit from the dam if it decides not to stand on its way. For intents and purposes the dam is almost finished and the misplaced hope that Debre and his cabals will once again take the mantle of ruling over the country is rendered a pie in the skies, as good as Aesop’s fairytales. Hey el-Sisi! Nanananananah!!!!!!1

    • I always appreciate your constructive and forward looking comments and opinions. As you said, the two neighboring countries have a lot to benefit through cooperation and friendship. The TPLF should not be allowed any opening to create tensions and conflicts between the them.

      • Thank you for reading my comment and kind remarks. You see, the way I read the issue with the dam is just like a river flowing right by your front door and originating from your own backyard. Then I am your neighbor both near and far telling not to even think about scooping up a single cup of water to quench your searing thirst. That is what Egypt was telling the old country. What is one of the world famous and enduring traits we Ethiopians have had since we came into existence? It is our legendary generosity. This dam was not conceived after Debre and his predecessors marched into the capital in 1991. The late emperor was the one who started looking into a possible dam over the river without affecting Sudan and Egypt adversely. I remember how Nasser’s ‘superpower’ wannabes making fools of themselves by embarrassing saber rattling through their blabber mouthed media. I remember one of them telling me how Field Marshal Hakim could send just three of fighter jets and make a heap of ash out of the late emperor’s army. I told him why didn’t he tell the field marshal to try it. Then the 6-day war came along and we all know what happened to Hakim’s indomitable airforce. The rumor in the hafaas(back alley slums) was those pilots were having an orgy with fresh imports from Azerbaijan and other Soviet Caspian satellites. When the orgy was over all what the pilot can find was a heap of mangled metal out of their Migs. Israel had them for breakfast. Just try to picture a lard ass Egyptian soldiers boing boing around the highlands of Western Hararghe and Gojjaam. Just imagine that! I think what you will need a good grab of naturally sharpened rock to take the lights out of the rumbling lump of human mess. Our engineers have been hard at work for more than 5 decades planning the dam that will not affect the flow of water to Sudan and Egypt. So GERD is the result of that no stone left unturned R&D by our over-qualified engineers. Superpower wannabes in Al-Qahirah can just jump up and down about it until the cows come home but they can’t do anything hostile about it and they dare not. If they try to be funny then the old man Blue Nile may refuse to flow forward in its current tracks and it may start doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. I am not kidding! That old man Blue Nile often times has proved to be unpredictable. You dig?

  2. This man doesn’t represent the governement of Sudan, which as no more legal gvt, nor the people of Sudan, he is the second man of a dictatoship and commited mass murder in Darfur.


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