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Full interview of General Abebaw Tadesse


General Abebaw Tadesse had an interview with state media (EBC and FBC).Among issues he addressed are why the Ethiopian Defence Force was ordered not to enter Tigray. 

He elaborated it from the point of view of giving a break to the Defence Force which has been deployed for over one year without a break. However, he stressed that “Chapter one of the operation is completed means there is chapter two.” 

The Defence Force could enter the Tigray region when it has to, he added. 

Watch the full version of his interview below 


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  1. OPDO doing what it knows best the old Woyane/Tplf terrorists rotten tactics.
    TPLF terrorists used to use Aba Dula to cheat Oromos.

    General Abebaw now has replaced Aba Dula to Confuse and Convince Amharas.


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