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Ethiopian Church followers celebrate Eve of Epiphany

Ethiopian Patriarch Abune Mathias will not be attending Ethiopian Epiphany as he is in hospital due to illness

Ketera  _ Ethiopian Epiphany _
Priests carrying Ark of the Covenant replica during Ketera procession on Tuesday January 18,2022 ( Photo credit : EOTC Media)


Ethiopia is rich in culture and traditions. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, some historians refer to it as the Ethiopian Church, is one of the leading institutions in the country that contributed much to it.

On Tuesday, faithful’s of the church celebrated the solemn procession of the Ark of the Covenant to their respective places where Epiphany takes place. The procession itself is considered a feast on its own and it is called Ketera

Priests , deacons and choirs are dressed in religious vestments for it and for the rest of two days’ celebration when in service.

Ethiopian Epiphany
Priest carrying replica of Ark of the Covenant in Ketera Procession in the Capital Addis Ababa ( Photo : EOTV TV)

Epiphany, locally known as Timkat, will be celebrated tomorrow.  It is the celebration of the baptism of  the Lord Jesus Christ in the River Jordan.  

This year Epiphany fell on Wednesday, a day of fasting in the church traditions except for fifty days of the year following Paracletos  after Ascension. Fridays are also days of fasting. 

According to the canons of the Ethiopian church, the day before Epiphany is fasted when it falls on Wednesdays or Fridays. 

Ethiopian Epiphany is one of the most colourful religious holidays with a historical and cultural significance even to the rest of Ethiopians outside of the Ethiopian Church. 

It is celebrated across the country. The city of Gondar is prominent for Timkat Celebrations and attracts tens of thousands of tourists from across the world. 

In the capital Addis Ababa, Janmeda, in the vicinity of Sidist Kilo,  is a place to be on Wednesday. 

Government announced that a security arrangement is in place to ensure that it is celebrated peacefully. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church fathers have also called on the laity to help ensure that the holiday is celebrated in the same manner/ 

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  1. Government should stay away from religion. Government comes and goes but not the Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.
    It is the first and the last. Orthodox Christianly is the first and the oldest Christian religion that no government has the ability or knowledge to change, edit or abuse. Good government always keep its distance from religion by respecting. Unless it is like Mengistu Hailemariam and TPLF, Marxist Leninist Communist that have no religion and brutality and theft are their religion.

  2. Abiy has moved a command post from Gojjam to Oromo zone. Now he has stationed Drones in Oromo zone and Benishangul. Amharas must stay well organized, well armed, well trained and well connected. Only strength is your option for your survival, respect and equal privileges and rights. Never accept disarming because this is your only chance and time you will ever get.

  3. Alem
    Yes I support Amhara abort and to be on alert and stay armed for more betrayal and OLF/OPDO ethnic cleansing plans.
    If you think anyone does not know you must be crazy.

    Then why the army command post is moved from Amhara region to Oromo zone when the war is in Amhara zone? Why does the Oromo zone need Drone when Amhara is
    fighting Tplf war?
    Oromo/OPDO is having fun murdering innocet Orthodox and Amharas and not sending fighters to fight Tplf but giving training to OLF/OLA barbarics in Universities. .
    Why Abiy is wisy wasy and lacks firmness unless he is playing Russian rule at with Ethiopians life?


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