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Ethiopia condemns terrorist attack in United Arab Emirates

Ethiopia _ United Arab Emirates _ Terrorism


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Tuesday issued a statement condemning the terrorist attack in United Arab Emirates. 

content of the statement is featured below : 

“The government and people of Ethiopia have learnt with dismay the deaths and injuries of civilians in the United Arab Emirates due to the terrorist attacks that targeted civilian establishments.

Ethiopia strongly condemns this cowardly act that neither the norms of humanity nor international law could justify.

The government and people of Ethiopia express their heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased, wishing the wounded a quick recovery.

Ethiopia also reaffirms its solidarity and extends its consolation to the government and people of the United Arab Emirates at this trying incident. ” 


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  1. You should stay out of the Yemen affairs. It is a mess for this or that reason. You have a mess in your hands already that has become a challenge for you to handle. Pinch yourself in the lips for taking sides in the Yemen inferno and concentrate on dealing with the giant in the room. Don’t forget about those Ethiopians already in Yemen in their hundreds possibly thousands as bread seeking migrants. You can make their already precarious situation even gravely dangerous.


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