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Vigil held for Ethiopian Women stabbed to death in Toronto

The late Elsabet Yitayew


Ethiopians in Toronto, and friends and families of Elsabet Yitayew  held a candlelight vigil in Toronto on Friday January 14,2022. 

The 37 years old Ethiopian woman  was stabbed to death on the eve of the Gregorian Calendar new year (on December 31, 2021),  in North York near Weston Road and Dennis Avenue. 

What is also shocking about her tragic death is that she was reportedly stabbed to death in front of her 9 years old daughter. 

Elsabet was suffering from stab wounds when police arrived at the crime scene, and was later pronounced dead. 

Temeka Dorsett, 32, is the suspect in the killing and is charged with first degree murder.  What transpired between the two and how it all started is not disclosed at this point. The suspect, however, has appeared in a court on January 1, 2022. 

According to a Toronto Police report, Elsabet, who was working as a personal support worker,  is the 85th homicide victim in Toronto during 2021. 

Her nine years old daughter is in need of support. A GoFundMe campaign is launched to raise funds to support her. Link is HERE


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  1. My and my family heart is broken on hearing this tragic news. One of the saddest news for me is when I hear a life of a member of our Diaspora has suddenly cut down by a violent death. We all come here seeking safety and opportunity to succeed in life and to hear such a Blessed life is suddenly cut down is very very sad indeed. May She Rest In Eternal Peace.

    Now, those of us who are still alive have the obligation to pitch in with the last penny we have in our pocket and help the mourning family and her angelic toddler. Let’s go!!!

  2. I would like to know why that demon stabbed this countrywoman to death. Was it robbery gone deadly? Somebody should shed some light on the incidence that ended in such heart breaking tragic end.

  3. My questions to my dear countrymen/women still stands and unanswered. This time I am directing my question to my dear editors of this esteemed website. Why that demon stabbed the victim to death? Was it a hate crime? Or was it just another random crime due to robbery going awry? I remember you once when you mentioned you are from that city. The victim did not travel thousands of miles just to be killed when she could have found that without traveling a single mile from her home back in the old country. Let’s keep that angelic child in our thoughts.


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