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Abala residents displaced due to fresh TPLF military campaign

Abala _ Afar _ TPLF
Google map. Red spot shows Abala town location.


Residents of Abala, a town in Afar region of Ethiopia adjacent to the Tigray region, are displaced from the town due Tigray People’s Liberation Forces (TPLF) fresh attack. 

The Voice of America Amharic service, on Friday, cited Abala town administration to report that the residents of the city are entirely displaced.

Afar regional state blamed the TPLF for the latest displacement in the region. 

Social media sources with links to Afar regional administration reported that the latest TPLF attack in the region was reversed, and that the terrorist group sustained heavy losses. 

More than 1.4 million people had been displaced from the Afar and Amhara region of Ethiopia after the TPLF forces controlled many areas in the region in the immediate aftermath of the “Unilateral Humanitarian ceasefire” declaration by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in July 2021. 

There are also reported TPLF military campaigns in the Amhara region – specifically in Adarkay and Kobo areas. 

The TPLF did not say anything about the latest military campaigns in both regions at this writing. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government did not announce about the TPLF latest activities except sharing some vague information.

When he made a speech in a ceremony organised to launch a new Ministry of Defense building and award some senior military officers for their contribution in the war, Abiy hinted that the TPLF is attempting another aggression but did not specify it.  

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