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Ethiopia says Tedros Adhanom threatening moral integrity of WHO

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Thursday announced that it has sent a letter to the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation regarding the unethical behaviour of Tedros Adhanoum, Director General of the organization. 

Tedros has served as the central committee and executive member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and also as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopians from all walks of life have been opposing on grounds that he has been using his position in the WHO health organisation as a leverage to solicit political and diplomatic support against the TPLF, an organisation which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization. 

The statement from the Ministry is featured below : 

Ethiopia files an objection to the misconduct of WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom


In a letter sent to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia stated its objection against the Director-General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, moral, legal and professional standing that threatened WHO’s organizational integrity.

Although Ethiopia had nominated Dr. Tedros for the highest office in the global health body, he has not lived up to the integrity and professional expectations required from his office and position, the letter says.

He has been interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, including Ethiopia’s relations with the State of Eritrea, the letter says, adding that he continues as an active member and supporter of TPLF that is proscribed as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian parliament.

According to the letter, Dr. Tedros uses his office to advance his political interest at the expense of the interest of Ethiopia, despite hopes that he would cease his misconduct eventually.

Dr. Tedors encourages the TPLF in his media engagements and celebrates what is presumed to be a military success of the group, besides engaging in a selective outrage where he discriminately addresses the humanitarian concerns in Ethiopia, the letter adds.

Through his acts, says the letter, he spread harmful misinformation and compromised WHO’s reputation, independence, and credibility which is evident from his social media postings that openly endorse the terror perpetrated by the TPLF against the Ethiopian people.

According to the letter, Dr. Tedros has abused his position by assigning staff in WHO’s country office in Ethiopia with a task of executing the plot to inflate the emergency level in Ethiopia, from 1.8 million people to 3.8 million, to warrant humanitarian intervention. “This misrepresentation of facts is used to misinform the UN Security Council.”

In a manner that denigrates the integrity of the UN system and the work of other offices, Dr. Tedros uses his platform to mobilize the UN community against Ethiopia besides providing technical and financial support to the activities of the TPLF, the letter adds.

The Government of Ethiopia finally urges the WHO Executive Board to commission an investigation on the Director-General to identify his misconduct and violation of his professional and legal responsibility as provided under the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service, staff rules and regulations of WHO, and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of WHO.

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  1. Halfdan Mahler (1973-1988), Hiroshi Nakajima (1988-1998), Gro Harlem Brundtland (1998-2003), Jong-wook Lee (2003-2006), Anders Nordstrom (2006-2007, interim), and Margaret Chan (2007-2016) were the 6 predecessors, ALL TRAINED MEDICAL DOCTORS, that served as director generals of the WHO before the arrival of Tedros Adnahom. The only non physician from the group, Tedros is also the only one obsessed with the fate of the the political party he once belonged to as a loyal member (the Marxist Leninist TPLF of which he was once a member). To the chagrin and disappointment of many around the globe, Tedros keeps usurping the WHO platform, time and precious resources, to score cheap political points against the current Ethiopian Government which ousted his beloved TPLF, in the midst of the worst global pandemic that has consumed the lives of millions worldwide. His checkered past as a political ideologue, idolizing ethnic fanaticism, ethnic bigotry and unaccountability, his mediocre and partisan, discriminatory and unprofessional disservice to millions in his homeland were more than enough wake up calls for the international community. The fact he is running for a second term without any competition, itself an anomaly and disgrace to the reputation of the WHO, did not come as a surprise to hundreds of millions in Ethiopia, after all Tedros was once a member of the TPLF, the corrupt and kleptocratic ethnofanatic political group that has terrorized Ethiopians for three decades, stolen billions, winning nearly 100% in every election without any opposition. They say old habits die hard, and Tedros is no exception to the rule. Who cares about the WHO, when a political hack and ethno fanatic mercenary chieftain is masquerading as director general in charge of policies that affect the lives of billions in the world.

  2. QUOTE: “Ethiopia had nominated Dr. Tedros for the highest office in the global health body, he has not lived up to the integrity and professional expectations required from his office and position, ” UNQUOTE

    Humble Comment, 20 Jan 2022
    One can’t help wondering: are there others who would also betray Ethiopia?
    After all, Ethiopia is divided in nine parts ; Afar, Gambella, Gondar, Harar, Oromia, Sidama, Somalia, Tigray and Wollo. In alphabetical order, please.

    What a TRAGEY that would be to an ANCIENT INDEPENDENT COUNTRY — the very TOP in World History.
    Dear Ethiopians: IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO ?!?!?!?

    The SOULS of past Kings –regardless of their achievements — would turn in their graves.
    Is that what the scholars and the entire wise commoners of Ethiopia are capable of doing & bringing the Ancient cherished Land into pieces??

    Thank you very much for that reminder, hoping that Ethiopians would wake-up and face THEMSELVES. IT IS A GLARING TEST.


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