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Open letter to Molly Phee

Molly Phee, Assistant Secretary of State For Africa (Photo credit : Wikipedia)


Dear Molly,

Greetings! I hope you’ve had a good beginning to the New Year.

I hope you remember me. I was president of PEN Ethiopia and our members and myself are very grateful to you in particular and to the US government in general for your unwavering support for freedom of expression and human rights. With your generous support we were able to do many wonderful activities in Ethiopia and were able to inspire many young Ethiopian writers. 

For our stance on freedom of expression and human rights, the TPLF-led government tortured, harassed, and imprisoned many of us and we were forced in to exile. I am now living in Toronto, Canada and pursuing a Ph.d in Ethiopian political culture. 

THE TPLF obliterated and looted Ethiopia and held innocent Tigrayan’s hostage and used them as human shields. Their hegemonic ambition and their principle of  ‘the end justify the means’ cost many precious lives in Ethiopia. Many Tigrayan young people, instead of going to school and reading books, are forced to carry guns. The TPLF brainwashed young Tigrayan’s in to looting, raping, killing and destroying the Afar and Amhara regions. They looted hospitals, clinics, schools, factories and higher institutions. They even raped elderly women and women in convents. They robbed poor people in the streets of Afar and Amhara and made whomever they found kneel down before them and took whatever belongings they had including money and mobile phones. They not only looted the hospitals, universities and factories, they destroyed what they could not transport to Mekelle, the capital of Tigray. These are some of the heinous crimes committed by the.

I am very confident that the US administration, with your leadership, will label TPLF as a terrorist organization. I hope you’ll force TPLF to disarm and surrender without precondition. It is also important that the billions of dollars the TPLF has abroad is frozen. Most importantly, it is critical that the US supports the legitimate government in Addis Ababa.

I am sure you had a chance to read the article below but in case you did not, please find A link to the interesting article by Bronwyn and Ann.

To End Ethiopia’s War, Biden Needs to Correct Course

I would be grateful if we had the opportunity to meet and discuss the future of Ethiopia.

Best Regards

Solomon Hailemariam

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  1. Seriously???!!!

    Why are you begging the very people who were behind the political and ethnic problems of not only Ethiopia, but other African nations with their white supremacy oriented foreign policies???!!!

    Wake up and smell the bunna !

  2. Good, Ethiopians must improve their diplomacy, it isno begging but it is appealing and working with friends of Ethiopia. More must be dobe, including lobbying.

  3. Good, Ethiopians must improve their diplomacy, it is no begging but appealing and working with friends of Ethiopia. More must be done, including lobbying.

  4. I praise the effort by our patriot countryman Obbo Solomon. Evert effort should be taken by all of us who still hold that gem of the colored we still hold very dear to our heart. I hope Her Excellency Molly will grant an audience to the gentleman. USA and the rest of The West should not abandon the old country to the scavenging wolves from Moscow and Beijing. Never. Our well read countrymen/women should intensify the effort and hold talks and discussion to as many officials possible who are in positions of influencing the West’s policy towards Ethiopia. In doing so those trying must present themselves in the best of their composure and devoid of any raw emotion. They must be well prepared for any question that may be thrown at them. Remember all these public officials are tough cookies and can tell a cross eyed bee among the buzzing swarms.

    • It’s inappropriate to use rhetoric like “scavenging wolves from Moscow and Beijing” to describe Russia and China. Do you know what would have happened to Ethiopia in the UNSC without the veto powers of those two countries? Don’t forget that the “USA and the rest of The West” have always been in love with the TPLF and will continue to be so. Their main objective has always been to save the TPLF from utter annihilation as they so richly deserve. And I guarantee you “Her Excellency Molly” will not grant an audience to the gentleman. Why should she? She and the rest of the West are on a mission to save their precious TPLF.


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