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Abiy and his Scapegoat Gideon!

Abiy _ Gedion
Gedion Timoteos

Professor Paulos Milkias Ph.D. 

A scapegoat is a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, or faults  of others, for reasons of expediency. The term is rooted in the Bible, where  a goat was released into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had  symbolically laid the sins of the people of Israel upon it (Read Lev. 16).  

The release from jail of TPLF kingpins Sebhat Nega, Mulu Gebre Egziabher, Kidusan Nega, Abadi Zemu, and Abay Woldu has angered all  genuine Ethiopian Nationalists because the deed cannot be logically  explained. First of all, suggesting that sending old people who should  normally be residing in monasteries to jail is inhumane goes against the  decision to continue to hunt Nazi criminals and make them accountable for  their misdeeds more than 75 years ago, and insinuating that the culprits  who were captured in the field of war while fighting against Sovereign  Ethiopia and by doing so wrought wanton destruction upon the country as  well as spawning the death of over one hundred thousand men women and  children cannot be charged with criminal acts defies logic.  

The sudden action had confounded all genuine Ethiopian nationalists,  so Abiy had to find a scapegoat and explain the episode away in a wildly  bizarre and oxymoronic statement that he was also “horrified” when he  heard of the decision to release those renegade TPLF officials. These  renegades were none other than those who created the TPLF and plotted  against the motherland seeking its balkanization. But in his twisted logic.  

Abiy was implying someone else released the goaled insurgents, in this  case, Gideon Timotewos, the minister of justice.  

Does Abiy really believe that he can hoodwink rational Ethiopians with this asinine spin? Could any minister take such drastic action without the  Prime Minister’s clear directives? That is not at all possible except in the  world of delusion similar to that of Alice in Wonderland or happenings  unfolding during the magical journeys of Harry Potter!

Editor’s note : Professor Paulos Milkias’s remark appeared first on P2P forum on January 11, 2022

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  1. Apaulling judgment and an effort to pretend unaware of the matter.the sooner this PM is removed the better.
    If possible throw him away into jail.

  2. I think justifiably many Ethiopians were disappointed at the sudden release of Ethiopia’s tormentors of the past successive decades. That said, I don’t think the PM said he was “horrified when he heard of the decision to release those renegade TPLF officials.” From my reading of his speech, the PM said taking the decision made him and others horrified. And given the gravity of the decisions and the outrage it could stir among his supporters and detractors, it was human to feel so. I wish the Govt had prepared the people better before announcing the bombshell decisions, demonstrating once again the Govt’s abject lack of PR work.

    The question I think we should be asking now is — what concrete concessions did the Govt elicit from the TPLF or other players (US) and political calculus he factored in arriving at the painful decisions. We’re beginning to get a glimpse of that in the days since the decision. Ending the war quickly and avoiding the deaths of tens of thousands and further destruction of the economy are likely on top his mind. Still the Govt should pursue the current political leaders of their high crimes (no compromise on that!) . What dynamics would the decision have on the TPLF’s internal dynamic, morale, etc? Let’s wait and see.

    • Dear Obo Fayessa:
      With due respect, the trepidation of Ethiopian nationalists was front and centre for the PM. PM Abiy implied that what people should know should be “እኛም መጀመሪያ ስንሰማው ያስደነገጠን መሆኑን ነው።” You can check his explanatory statements duly recorded in video. What you see within inverted comas here is verbatim quote.
      Paulos Milkias Ph.D.

      Paulos Milkias Ph.D.

  3. PM Abiy is the only person that decided about this horrible decisions. He has already exposed himself by trying to paint it with bravery and kindness. He presented it as his own sole decision at first but when he is faced with public condemnation he is now forcing others to speak in supporting him including Amhara region administrators. So far 99% of Ethiopian are angry.

    Right now the TPLF Tigrayan war ha reorganized and started expanding the attack on Afar and Amhara people while Abiy told the defense force to stand still. What is the reason? By now everyone should have the clue!!!!
    Amhara and Afar people must be provided with modern snipes and weapons to protect themselves from the well armed and brutal savage TPLF Tigrayan invaders and looters. Amharas living under Oromia savage OLF Shene saturated administration control must also be provided with modern weapon to protect themselves from the savage OLF Shene barbarism and thieves.


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