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Ethiopian PM calls his conversation with Biden “candid”

The United States has apparently managed to secure the release of Key Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders. Joe Biden pushed Ethiopian PM for a negotiated ceasefire with TPLF

Ethiopian PM _ Joe Biden
Abiy Ahmed (left) and Joe Biden (right) ( Photo : MFAE)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday said he had what he called a “candid” telephone conversation with United States president Joseph Biden. 

The conversation was about strengthening cooperation and engagement based on mutual respect. 

Abiy Ahmed tweeted : 

“I held a candid phone conversation with  @POTUS on current issues in Ethiopia, bilateral relations as well as regional matters. We both agree there is great value in strengthening our cooperation through constructive engagement founded on mutual respect.”

The office of the Prime Minister has released a brief statement saying, among other things,”The two leaders discussed current issues in Ethiopia, bilateral relations as well as regional issues.” 

The U.S. president did not remark about the conversation with Abiy Ahmed, at this writing. 

Mainstream media outlets, like Reuters, however covered the story from a trajectory of what seems to be advancing TPLF strategic interest in the conflict. According to the source, The U.S. president has expressed “concern” about airstrike in the northern conflict.

The United States’ Embassy in Addis Ababa has published a news update, on Monday, about the conversation between the two leaders, and it sounds a bit different from what the office of the Prime Minister disclosed. The talk rather seem to have stressed more about peace and recondition. 

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke today with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia and opportunities to advance peace and reconciliation.” 

The United States has been putting pressure on the Ethiopian government, at times under the guise of alleged human rights violation and obstruction of humanitarian activity in the northern Ethiopia, with an apparent political objective to make the TPLF relevant in Ethiopian politics. 

There were even claims that the U.S. provided a clandestine military support in the form of provided TPLF leaders with key military intelligence. 

On January 7, a day of Ethiopian Christmas, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government abruptly released TPLF war criminals and radical ethnic Oromo nationalist activist, Jawar Mohammed. The leader of Baladera For True Democracy, Eskinder Nega, was also released in what appears to be a move to give the release of criminals an act of Amnesty. 

On Sunday, during an inauguration ceremony of the new Ministry of Defence Complex, it became clear that the criminals were released after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government suddenly dropped charges against TPLF leaders. 

The release of TPLF criminals happened a day after the U.S. Special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, visited Addis Ababa to meet with Ethiopian authorities including Abiy Ahmed. 

The Statement from the U.S. embassy called TPLF criminals “political prisoners.” 

It said : “President Biden commended Prime Minister Abiy on the recent release of several political prisoners, and the two leaders discussed ways to accelerate dialogue toward a negotiated ceasefire, the urgency of improving humanitarian access across Ethiopia.” 

For some analysts, the phone conversation between Biden and Abiy Ahmed is of political significance to Ethiopia, as it reflects a “power shift about the military condition in Ethiopia.”

For others, it is just a follow-up on the part of the Biden administration to push for a negotiation ceasefire after securing the release of TPLF leaders. 

When the TPLF leaders asked for conditional negotiation, one of the demands  was the release of TPLF leaders captured during the military operation. 

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  1. Subject: ” Ethiopian PM calls his conversation with Biden “candid”, January 10, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 10 Jan 2022
    As Africans, let us be clear in our vision. AFRICA will always be disintegrated into pieces by Western Forces. Let us not deceive ourselves by our selves. When it comes to Black Africa, its destiny is sealed by Western Colonial Forces for time immemorial and will continue to be so. In the process, any and every maneuvering is used, including the weapon of using Black Africans to destroy other Africans. We see it clearly in the action and manuvering the present governance of the Most Powerful Country in the Universe — The All Mighty United States of America — THE MASTER of the UNIVERSE & even the Good Lord Up in Heaven cannot help being ENVIOUS of the STRENGTH of AMERICA through its Mighty Ferocious PRESIDENT. The consequence of such phenomenon is glaring in front of us, where a single state within one country fighting each other for the benefit of the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

    But then, Alas, NOTHING IS PERMANENT in our Universe. How many wars did we see? How many gladiators did we see falling into ashes ……………………OH! HUMAN BLIND AMBITION!!!
    ” Ethiopian PM calls his conversation with Biden “candid” &; we shall see the definition of “candid”.
    In the mean time good luck with the present dangerous climate &;Omicron Covid -19.

  2. Quote: “When your enemies can’t defeat you, they will try to befriend you.”

    These western devils will do anything to fulfil their agenda.

  3. Indeed. The PM’s playbook for dealing with the ferenjis reveals his slanted view of politics only as a matter of gambling.

  4. Excellent news. The Biden administration should not repeat the mistake that was made in the late 1970’s. I want to see Good Ole USA is still well anchored in that region. At the end of the day USA must maintain its presence and influence in the old country. This is great news for me. I now feel somewhat relieved. I hope and pray that there will more such direct talks with the two leaders. They can afford to lose each other.

    • Make that: I hope and pray that there be will more such direct talks with the two leaders. They can’t afford to lose each other.

  5. The devil is in the details. Detail is missing and must be provided.
    Ethiopians are not praising Abiy for releasing violent TPLF criminals, Sebhat Nega Must Go Back to Prison

    The only source of news where Pre. Biden seems to get is from the former Pre. Obama stuffs who were winning and dining during the 27 years or TPLF repressive rules and not from the suffering Amhara and Afar farmers and violently raped women and children who also lost their lives, families and livelihoods.
    The major problem is when Abiy knows all of these and no Ethiopian will approve the release he arrogantly and cowardly succumbed to pressure and agreed to release the Tigrayan TPLF Terrorist group leader who is responsible for the slaughter of the Defense force and who has been indoctrinating and spreading hate against Amhara and Orthodox Christianity.
    Also in the midst of TPLF spreading war in Amhara and Afar regions, violently raping under aged girls, young and 85 years old women by 15 and up years Tigrayans.
    In the middle of war destruction and forcing farmers and poor people to feed them and defecating on the plate they ate. In the middle of people suffering by displacement and family lose of parents and children the TPLF Tigrayan Terrorist group is responsible creating.
    Before even addressing to bring caught Terrorist groups to court and without providing reason for why Abiy decided to take the law in his own hand to release viscous TPLF criminals.

  6. @Ituu Aba Farda: Are you playing devils advocate, or are you the devil himself?

    The only thing that Africa needs from the west is for them to stay out of our affairs.

    No African country meddles in their affairs, so why do they continue to meddle in ours???!!!

    • Robi,

      If you want to have a conversation with me you have to remain civil devoid of any insult. Your insult has to stop and it has to stop now. Otherwise I will report you to the dear editors of this esteemed website. This is not a site of rap concert for rowdies but rather a site where we quench our thirst for news about that gem of the colored we all still hold very dear to our hearts. This is not a site for those behaving like eyal-al-souqs who grew up at the Middle East bazaars unattended. So watch your language young man!

    • Africans has no power and kniowledge to meddle in the affioars of the west, but to let western kill , enslave africans and steal the poor african resources. All these crimes are accomplished by african leaders, spies, and stooge. Abiy, Isayas, and demeke are best examples.


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