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Eritrean president says no option but to “bolster” constructive engagement with Ethiopia

Eritrean president revealed that TPLF forces has about 100 military targets in Eritrea, and that the missile attack was just the beginning of it

Eritrean President _ Ethiopia
Eritrean President Isaias Afewoki during an interview with Eritrean state Television (Photo credit : Ministry of Information of Eritrea)


Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki had an interview with the state broadcaster this week.  The translation of the synopsis of his interview is published by the Ministry of Information

He talked about, among other things,  the war TPLF triggered, how Eritrea was targeted and Eritrea’s response to it. 

The causes of the war, as the president squarely put it, were rooted in TPLF’s historical position. He said, as provided in the translation, 

“TPLF’s anomalous historical position, its dualist policy which oscillates from the monopoly of power to the establishment of “independent Tigray” has remained a cause of conflict and chaos for past decades. Institutional ethnicity emanates from this policy.” 

Furthermore, he remarked about the implications of ethnic based-politics from the trajectory of stability and security. He said, “External powers have traditionally supported policies of ethnic polarization as it suits their agenda of control through pliable actors in various spheres of influence.” 

Apparently, from previous remarks, President Isaias is of the view that ethnic politics, rightly, is prone to bring about destabilization even in the region including in his own country. It means that Eritrea follows a policy that discourages ethnic policy in the region. 

In fact, the Eritrean president revealed on different occasions  that he told TPLF leaders (here the reference is to the late Meles Zenawi too) about the dangers that the pursuit of ethnic politics could bring about. He did so after reading the draft of the current Ethiopian constitution, which entrenched institutional ethnic politics in Ethiopia, sometime before 1994.  

Security is one of the areas of cooperation between Eritrea and Ethiopia, although no formal agreement is signed or at least the details of which are not available to the public yet. 

Since Ethiopia’s major security problem emanates from its institutionalised ethnic policies and since Eritrea considers institutionalised ethnic politics a problem to regional security, it is likely that struggle against radical ethnic nationalism, and supporting institutions, are possible areas of cooperation.  

Finally, the Eritrean president posed a question whether the TPLF, and  its backers, will do soul-searching, and learn from the problem they caused in the region. And he was explicit that  “Flaunting “negotiations” as a tactical agenda will not serve the interest of regional peace and stability” 

But right now, he is cited as saying, “we have no option but to bolster our constructive engagement as developments in Ethiopia have ramifications to Eritrea.” 

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  1. I had said this before and I will say it again. Eritrea as it is the case with every sovereign nation on earth has the right to defend itself. Missile attacks are the deadliest in the conventional arsenal. Many times you never know what your adversary has retrofitted its missiles with. If it keep coming then you will be obligated to go to the source and nip it out, smoke it out. It was reported that both in Asmara and Bahr Dar civilians were killed by Debre’s missile attacks. Thank Almighty those missiles were not tipped with ammos of mass destruction. Who knows what Debre and his goons are tinkering or will be tinkering with what they have now or in the future if they are left alone to their device. It is not a matter of whether you like or hate Eritrea as a nation. Whether we like it or not Eritrea is a sovereign nation with all the bells and whistle that come with it. That is their inalienable rights to defend themselves from deadly marauders.

    • Breaking news

      200,000 Amhara fanos finished in 25 seconds battle. Fanos are dying for Abiy Ahmed. Oh no, It is for land theft and robbery .

      However, we admire their confidence even if it full of lies and phantasy. Fanos have been heard of saying ” TDF has no competence to destroy fano . Fanos are children of Meniilik blah blah “

  2. The Eritrean independence has cost tens of thousands of Tigrayan lives. There are sources which indicate that the Eritrean war of independence has cost more Tigrayan lives than the Eritrean ones. However, the fascist leaders of the TPLF have made a sworn in enemy as Eritrea is now and squeezed Tigray between enemies. Even if the government of prime minister Abiy Ahmed softens his stand against the TPLF, the uncompromising enemies of the TPLF tigray, Eritrea and possibly Amhara and Afar will continue to fight the TPLF and strangle Tigray.

  3. Abiy Ahmed is a bigot criminal, who deliberately allowed the TPLF to ravage Amhara all the way to North Shewa. While doing so, he repeatedly refused to speak to Feltman, when the latter tried his best to implore the unelected PP gov’t to relent to its wishes. Abiy rather slyly led the mute-deaf so-called Diaspora sing like a bird with the meaningless and unprincipled “Nomore.” when he was certain that Amhara was ravaged enough not to recover for at least a decade, then he called Feltman himself, relented and splashed cold water on everything. Now the so-called nomore movement has lost all appeal, meaning and even tone. You can no longer say no to the West once you’ve allowed founding ideologues of the TPLF to walk free, once you’ve rather recklessly told your troops to evacuate Humera, where Siyye Abraha’s 50,000 strong Samri-made army equipped with anti-drones is on the alert. Abiy, a nonentity from a dusty, dirty Beshasha, is allowing Kobbo, Temuga, Korem and Alamata to rot under the TPLF. What a shame!


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