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Rights group demand Ethiopian gov’t to take action against ethnic based attack

The Ethiopian Human Rights Council called on other stakeholders to put pressure on the government to act against perpetrators of identity based attacks by radical Oromo Liberation Front – Shane group

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Google map of areas in shoa central Ethiopia


As the Ethiopian government halted the march to Tigray and mount, through major media outlets, what looks like rather a post-conflict agenda setting, the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group Oromo Liberation Front Shane was once again deepening attacks on innocent civilians. 

Its latest terrorist operation was not just in Wollega, where there had been a massacre of mostly ethnic Amhara farming communities, but also in Shoa,  central Ethiopia. 

Activists and political parties were not as vocal as they used to be in terms of condemning the recent attacks. The international pressure on the Ethiopian government, which is understood by many politicized Ethiopians as an effort to make TPLF a relevant actor in Ethiopian politics, as a tool to maintain their interest, has apparently relaxed domestic pressure on the government to fill a huge gap in terms of protecting the security of Ethiopians. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Council is an exception. It continues to demand the government to take action against Oromo Liberation Front Shane gunmen who continue to carry out ethnic based attacks against ethnic Amhara. 

In a statement it released on Wednesday, EHRCO said that it has received reports of identity based attacks, earlier this week apparently, on innocent civilians in Horo Guduru zone of Oromo region of Ethiopia where at least five civilians were killed in a marketplace. Two of the victims are women. According to EHRCO, OLF Shane was behind the attack. 

Another woman was killed in the same district but a different marketplace. The nature of the killing is savage. 

In Shoa, Central Ethiopian, OLF launched attacks in the west and Northern part of the zone. In the Ambo district (west), about ten ethnic Amhara who have lived in the area for decades were killed. Ethiopian Human Rights Council Report shows that they were buried at Ambo Eyesus Church. Three of the victims were from the same family. 

The OLF shane operation in North Shoa mainly took the form of destabilising the entire community. Residents in Darge locality of Jibat district were displaced, homes burned and harvests destroyed. 

In the South East, Dera Town was also a target of OLF Shane operation, among others, 

The EHRCO recalled its statement from a year ago, in which it urged government authorities to act  against OLF Shane terrorists who continue to target innocent civilians, it called for government, again, to bring perpetrators of the attack to justice. 

It also called for activists, media, opposition political parties and other stakeholders to do their part to put pressure on the government to act decisively. 

For well over a year now, Oromo regional state and the federal government have been claiming that they have inflicted serious attacks on Oromo Liberation Front fighters. There has even been a claim that the OLF Shane group no longer has capability to launch attacks. The reality on the ground ,as could be seen from the EHRCO account above, is different. 

There had been criticisms that the OLF shane group has been getting clandestine support from authorities in government structure.
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  1. Subject: “Rights group demand Ethiopian gov’t to take action against ethnic based attack”

    Humble Comment, January 7, 2022
    Reading the Article, and other similar Articles, about the new forces mushrooming in Ethiopia one can’t help wondering whether the “political climate ” in Ethiopia under the world-wide famous His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie, the King of Kings, of the Tribe of Judah, and His Predecessors would be better off than we see today!?!?! It is a serious question.

    Think about it. Where is Ethiopia heading today? It seems the Ancient Country in the entire World, for seemingly time immemorial, would be saying ‘good-bye’ to Ethiopia as the entire world knows it. What a CLASSICAL TRAGEDY >>> a phenomenon where the ‘Actor’ knows the Danger ahead but goes through it, never the less, with this classical admittance: “ I CANN”T HELP IT. IT IS IN MY NATURE”!!!

    Very Sad to say, that ETHIOPIA, as the world knows it very well, due to the latest Emperor, will disappear with the wind, never to be seen again.

    Dear 21st Century Ethiopians: ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THAT EVENTUALITY? IT IS YOUR CHOICE AND YOUR DESTINY INTO OBLIVION. AND THAT IS THE END of the ETHIOPIAN NAME. IT IS YOUR CHOICE — NOTING THAT DESTROYING REQUIRES NO INGENUITY. >>> and, at the same time, colonial forces, and others, would be saying, with a smile on their faces, “WE TOLD YOU SO ABOUT BLACK AFRICAN RACE” And that will be eternal shamefulness for us black coloured people. We are our own “best enemy” THE END

  2. The world politics is turning sour and spreading stinky smell , and deceiving us to think in unnatural and abnormal way. There is no special person in a war torn Tigray where every one’s life is in danger. 3 Eritreans died of airstrike and UNHCR defending its own clients by issuing a manifesto like letter and sponsoring articles like this ,
    No one should die including armed troops let alone civilians where ever they come from and to whichever tribe they belong to!!
    The above article is passing a message of selective advocacy to a single nationality among many other refugees who hold various citizenship and ethnic background but live in the same area or compound.The hypocrisy of UN and UNHCR is clearly exhibited in the above article hosted by spectrumlocalnews and UNHCR left its politically motivated rhetoric and pretentious identity in this same article.UNHCR or UN or even UNSC didn’t want to prevent mass exodus , genocide and state sponsored terrorism conducted by Ethiopian and Eritrean government, but warmly welcome refugees which is their organizational mandate and area of expertise.
    Eritreans claim they fled forced military recruitment ad imprisonment. However, Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnic and religious background, now everywhere are risking their lives and hard-earned properties on the account of this war. No one should die, including those troops from all sides. We could easily imagine the government is forcing men and women to kill their neighboring tribes, although there are wicked troops instigated by monetary and territorial expansion motives. There are Eritrean media depicting Eritreans as most affected people in this war as if entering from one hellish to the most extremely disastrous situation to magnify their rhetoric out of egoistic attitude by ignoring other’s plight. Every one in Tigray is in danger and one should not go to the UNHCR office to assume ” refugee or the status of a person whose life is in danger ” Some say politically motivated articles like this could initiate snobbish politicians who were turning blind eyes to the suffering of Tegaru , Agew, Irob, Kimant and Oromos and UAE blood sucking top dogs to Stop this war and stop their military supplies since their act is always politically motivated than compassion to humanity .

    Every one’s life in Tigray is in danger (no special person no special refugee in a war torn Tigray ) .Stop politicizing the war and help all people , regardless of their nationality and ethnic background, in Tigray to get access to food, water, shelter and live in peace as usual. Stop Tigray Genocide and stop supply of genocidal machines to Ethiopian and Eritrean regime!!!!

    • Subject: “Rights group demand Ethiopian gov’t to take action against ethnic based attack” January 7, 2022

      Humble Opinion, With Sadness, 7 Jan 2022
      The above is insightful Advice but in my honest opinion every body seems to be confused which will then lead to the universal habit of societies i.e. annihilating each other in fraternal war?!?!?! It never fails. Just open a book on the most civilized European history.

      Now, they make sure that the Fraternal Honest Black Africans liquidate each other while the sleek Europeans are busy exploiting the richest continent in the World & The Black African Richest Continent.
      Dear Africans: If you wish to deceive yourself, please note that the world is wide open to make yourselves [use your own choice of words]. AND THAT, IN SLOW MOTION, LEADS TO THE REALITY OF OUR DEAR BLACK AFRICA — too hurtful to spell it out. No wonder the famous Alan Payton addressing Africa wrote these few words : CRY, MY BELOVED AFRICA. THE END

    • The UNHCR is accused of the Eritrean government collaborating with the TPLF to resettle Tigray refugees as Eritrean ones in the third countries. This corruption and misuse of the international humanitarian protection system in the UN needs serious investigation and accountability.

  3. Obviously OLF Shene is helped by some Oromo government authorities. Without those supporters OLF Shene could not have continued to slaughter innocent Amharas and steal, destroy and burn their properties. We see OLF Shene in new limitary attire, shoes with modern weapons training right in Oromia fields while the government is confusing and convincing Amharas. We see OLF Shene savage fascist well fed and dressed because they never go to work to earn their livings. The live off of stolen and looted Amhara hard earned wealth. Since the coming of PM Abiy slathering, abducting, raping and stealing of Amhara children has intensified and in all this time PM Abiy has never shown remorse nor criticized the Oromia administrations or OLF leaders for making Oromia the place of cold blooded murderers. Yet he is quick to criticize Amhara region administrators for any small problems.
    Now no more waiting for PM Abiy to see his good side. He is the same dubious deceitful person born out of TPLF murderers and haters of Amhara EPRDF. Amharas has left with no option but arm and protect themselves because the worse is inevitable. OLF is the same as TPLF as greedy Amhara hater and ruthless but the only difference is OLF is hungry for power and lootings that it will not allow TPLF to come back.
    The country has replaced one ruthless dictator by another and has gone to backward lawlessness where thieves and murderers are running the government. OLF Shene is getting away with murdering and stealing innocent Amharas because they are comforted and encouraged by those clandestine government authorities.

  4. The release of the top TPLF officials and founders be it due to a humanitarian consideration or pardon is a very divisive issue. It will taken as a gesture of good will and impunity to the TPLF fascists and others with similar political agenda. I do not believe that the old man like Sebhat Nega who has devoted a considerable part of his life to plotting and hatching conspiracies, spreading hatred against Ethiopia and specially the Amharas
    deserves free life in Ethiopia. In making this decision the Abiy government has taken a wrong big political step.


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