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Ethiopian Airlines offer 20 percent discount for cargo flight

Ethiopian _ Cargo service discount
Ethiopian Airlines cargo service discount promotion announcement


Ethiopian Airlines on Tuesday announced a 20 percent discount on the cargo market rate. The offer is applicable only to donation shipments destined to Addis Ababa.

The offer will remain in place until mid March. 

Last month, Ethiopian introduced a 30 percent discount on passenger flights to Ethiopia after the Ethiopian Prime Minister announced the Ethiopian Great Home Coming Challenge for Ethiopians in the Diaspora. 

Up to one million Ethiopians are expected to arrive home for the Ethiopian Christmas which is on January 7th. The Hotel industry in the capital Addis Ababa has introduced a 30 percent discount in support of the Prime Minister’s call. 

The challenge was introduced in the face of increasing western pressure on Ethiopia in connection with the war on terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and their surrogates Oromo Liberation Front military wings.  

Last month and early this month, the United States issued a number of advisories calling on its citizens to evacuate Ethiopia on alleged grounds of security concerns. 

Thousands of Ethiopians from the United States have already arrived in the country as part of the Great Homecoming Challenge using Ethiopian Airlines. 

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