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Ethiopian PM explains unpopular decision of halting army march to Tigray

We have a plan to win the war on different fronts, says Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed a day after his government ordered Ethiopian forces not to march to Tigray region


“Decisions are based on lasting interest [of Ethiopia] not on emotions,” said Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a message he released on Friday. 

It came after simmering popular anger over his government’s decision for the army not to march to the Tigray region of Ethiopia after clearing the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters from the areas they controlled in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

For many, the decision will benefit the TPLF in order to buy time and reorganise its forces for another offensive against Ethiopia. There are in fact unconfirmed reports that the TPLF started a new offensive in the Western front with the hope to open up routes to Sudan. 

Prime Minister Abiy reiterated what his minister for communication affairs, Legesse Tulu, said on Thursday: “The operation for ‘multinational’ unity has achieved its first objective of clearing terrorist TPLF from Afar and Amhara region.” 

Decision that do not make Ethiopia victorious generate strength to our enemies directly or indirectly ; it amounts to allowing terrorist groups extend their life time, Abiy Ahmed elaborated in his message.  He painted the  decision as something that will avoid a protracted war for Ethiopia. 

Furthermore, he went on to explain the nature of the war Ethiopia is facing, highlighting diplomatic, economic, military and information war, and that his government has plans to reverse the offensive on all fronts. 

About a week before his government ordered the Ethiopian Defence Force to halt their march to the Tigray region of Ethiopia, rumours have been surfacing on social media that the Ethiopian government is planning to negotiate  with the TPLF forces. 

And last Sunday, TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremical wrote to the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, expressing readiness to peaceful negotiation to end the war. 

Majority of Ethiopians, based on samples of views expressed on different social media platforms, are not supporting neither peaceful  negotiation with the designated terrorist TPLF or the order for Ethiopian forces to halt military advance to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

It seems that TPLF will not face any problems in terms of resources to reorganise its forces. Before withdrawing from the Tigray region in late June 2021, the government spent more than 100 billion Ethiopian birr, as claimed by government authorities, for reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed in a three weeks war and for humanitarian purposes including the supply of food items. Much of it is believed to have been acquired by the TPLF.

Furthermore,  Western humanitarian organisations had been delivering food to the region. In fact, the TPLF diverted more than 500 aid trucks that were meant to deliver aid to military purposes. 

Many Ethiopians are asking as to how the government decision is not helping the TPLF – in terms of buying time for reorganisation. 

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  1. I am quite sure(I hope) the Abiy administration has learned an unforgettable lesson from the previous ‘unilateral’ ceasefire. That had resulted in Debre’s thugs rampaging in a huge swath of the country both in Afar and Amhara regions. They looted and laid destruction where ever they landed. The murder, rape and terror they left behind are unthinkable. They should never be allowed to commit those crimes never again.

  2. Folks, be prepared to be deafened by reports of mass graves in Tigray by BBC(Sorry TPBBC), AFP, AP, Reuters and Al-Gahaba. And you will be shown video clips and photos of dead bodies floating on dams and rivers heading to Sudan. You are forewarned!
    Hey Ittu! That is not Al-Gahaba but Al-Jazeera.

  3. The very purpose of AGOA is to help poor nations of Sub Saharan Africa through trade by enabling them build free market economy.more than 28% of the total export of the sector, Textile and apparel export, is destined to US. Actually, very recent figures of export by destination shows Turkey is leading in importing Ethiopian yarn . U.S is the top donor country providing assistance to Ethiopia‐totaled $900 million in 2009.U.S. takes a key position in the export of the Ethiopian textile and apparel products. For example, if we take the case in the year 2008, Ethiopia exported textile and apparel products to more than 27 countries throughout the world. U.S. takes a key position in the export of the Ethiopian textile and apparel products. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “removing the preferential agreement will affect the livelihoods of more than 200,000 low income families.

    Fanos are terrorists, and Amhara elites in uS are their sponsors . Eritrea is colonizing Ethiopia with complete support from amhara elites who turned against their own people like broods who devour their own family members. Eritrea has done countless favors to Ethiopia , and expulsion of Ethiopia from AGOA , could be the best example and its impact could be seen among families who gladly express themselves as the supporters of prosperity party. Among 200,000 low income families, at least 80,0000 could be fans of Prosperity party and mostly living in the so-called amhara region, estimated by some scholars.

    Amhara elites should stop sowing hate and preparing their own people for mass exodus and being targets of revengful act.

  4. It is really hard to understand Abiy’s position. When Ethiopian forces left Tigray in June, he said the decision was to gibe the people of Tigray time to farm and contemplate the consequences of their allegiance to TPLF. There was no war in Afar and Amhara. Now for 5 months the TPLF had been expanding, attacking Afar and Amhara regions. Several million innocent victims have been displaced. All this time, Abiy was telling us Ethiopian forces are just in defensive position while innocent citizens were being killed, raged and tortured. Even with all the support, good will , commitment and dedications of Ethiopians in Ethiopia, and millions in the diaspora, Abiy has not managed to keep the internal saboteurs in his bosom, in PP party and elsewhere undermining Ethiopia. I think it is time to ask critical questions and demand that Abiy explain some of the untouchable issues Ethiopians are facing on the ground day in day out.

  5. “The very purpose of AGOA is to help poor nations of Sub Saharan Africa through trade by enabling them build free market economy.more than 28% of the total export of the sector, Textile and apparel export, is destined to US. ” If the total export from that sector to the US is only 28%, then Ethiopia should not care that much for a trade impact of that minuscule amount vs the sovereignty of Ethiopia. Most of the trade deals side during the TPLF era did not actually benefit Ethiopians. The average cost of a loaf of bread during TPLFs via EPRDFs had skyrocketed by something like 3000%!!! The TPLF cult and terrorist group was the sole beneficiary of the so called “10% growth years”. Ethiopia’s debt mushroomed to over 30 billions during EPRDFs reign of terror. This rag tag group, that possessed nothing at its accidental control of the helm of power in 1991, fleeced, stole and pocketed Ethiopia’s wealth. In the name privatization, it stole Ethiopia’s public resources and wealth, concentrated them in the so called parastatal, fake, unscrupulous entities. It destroyed the developmental bank’s credit by generating billions dollars of loans that went into default. The money it stole from the sweat, tears and blood of Ethiopians were pocketed to benefit an arrogant yet ignorant Tigrean elite that spawned out of abject poverty and misery from their pre 1991 days.

    Once again, there is no called Western Tigray. Welqait, Tsegede etc. were never part of Tigray and will never be. In the 1940s, the Banda Haileselassie Gugsa Araya who conspired against Ethiopia and sold his Ethiopiawent for the title of “Ras” from the Italian fascists lost his governorship of Eastern Tigray and was sent to gezot ( house arrest). Ras Mengesha Seyoum has openly admitted the boundaries of Tigray on record. These facts are stated here to expose the falsehood and made up fables by TPLF ignoramuses. The reason for the annexation of these lands I.e Welqait, Tsegede etc. by the terrorist TPLF have been clearly and succinctly been exposed by none other than one of TPLF’s own original founder, Dr. Aregawi Berhe. The so called western corridor was the pipe dream of the ethnofanatic Melesse “Legesse” Zenawi’s zealot, fascistic political ideologues u,timate goal of creating an “independent” Tigray. The average Ethiopian, at this stage, probably, should not care if there is a referendum for Tigray, a tiny resource deficient region to secede. If that is what you dream of, by all means do so, you will be a landlocked tiny spot surrounded by the enemies you made over the course of your cursed life. However, rest assured there will be consequences to follow. As far as fano, the Ethiopian military and other regional forces etc, it can be summarized as follows. Your crazy president, Debretsion, was beating the drums of war, parading Tigrean troops, and spitting hate and claiming the war will be between people to people in 2018. He got what he wanted. He lost, and lost big time because he is evil, his purpose is wicked and diseased.

    Every criminal of the TPLF gang will be brought to justice. Debretsion, Tsadkan, Getachew and every remaining riff raff must be held accountable. Treason is a crime punishable by death in most countries. Under no circumstances should any of these criminals, plotters, mass murderers hold any office. Their fate is one and only one, punishment for their crimes.

  6. This is a very messy and irresponsible decision that goes against every war time rational decision. This does not make any Ethiopians feel secure or better when the government kept on taking such stupid decision that brings worse problems and deaths to innocent Afar and Amhara people. Not going into Tigray to finish the war apprehending Debretsion and his criminal tribal groups only prolongs the war because those band of criminals and thieves do not understand the value of peace and democracy.

    The only way this wrong decision not to finish the war by going to Mekele can only be interpreted as either not learning from the past “unilateral ceasefire” or wanting more war and devastation to come to the same Amhara and Afar people. Stopping to fight as had happened many times is known prolong the war and human sufferings.
    Tigray is part of Ethiopia and TPLF criminals are terrorists hiding in Tigray and therefore the government can send the defense force and fighters to anywhere in Tigray to finish the war.
    War criminals, Amhara and Afar genociders and terrorists’ do not deserved a day to live outside of jails and prisons.

  7. When the guns go silent I take that as good news. That youth needs and deserves a peaceful break. The few weeks are something to closely watch. We should all remember that Debre and his cohorts will revert to hit run tactics once the ENDF enters their joint. That means they will shoot and run mostly into civilian quarters. That was the case when ENDF enter that region in November. Debre and goons don’t give a flying hoot about the welfare of the citizens there. That is how all commies and their terrorist darasaas wage war. With that they intend to gain two dividends. The first one is to inflict damage on the ENDF soldiers and at the same generate fuel for their propaganda front. There will be collateral damage following the shootings and we will be deafened with ‘crimes against humanity’ charges days in and days out. I will leave it up to the military experts in the ENDF on how to carry out the next phase of this destructive and senseless conflict. I will continue praying for the youth of both sides. I wish them better days ahead. Insha’Allah!!!


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